Publication Date: 18/04/2017
Rating: 5/5

Note To Self is the second Connor Franta’s book. It is a book that include lots of life stories and also lots of poems. In this book, Connor talked a lot about his life and also about him. Not only that, but he also focused on what’s happening around us, about the reality that most of us don’t see or choose to ignore.

Honestly, I like this kind of book, books that has something to do with life especially real life not the fictional life. I can totally relate to most of the things that Connor said in the book, for example like depression, life choices, about our own future, the happy places and he also talked about the real world and makes us realize things we haven’t noticed before.

The poems he made, it has their own beautiful meanings behind it. What hit me hard was the depression part and the future part. I’ve been depressed before and we all know that there’s no cure to depression, we can only try a few things for us to take a better control of it and don’t let it control us. How he described depression as being another person and to be sure not to believe in all of those horrible thoughts that run through your mind and make sure to wipe them away, it’s true. I’m still struggling with my depression and anxiety and I think people who still struggling with those illnesses can relate to it as well. All I can say is that the emotions and feelings are part of you, but it don’t define you.

For the future part, it was about what are we going to do in the next few years. I often got asked by my relatives and my parents friends about what I will be doing next or what I’m gonna be in the future. Not gonna lie, I got annoyed by those questions and the way Connor talked about it in the book felt so real because I can totally relate to it.

The way he responded to those questions are so sassy, like he just destroyed those questions with a few words. Well, Connor and I have similarity when it comes to these kind of talks, like we both didn’t know what are we gonna do next and we both felt annoyed when got asked about that so often.

I appreciate learning about our surroundings, about today’s world, today’s society and keep my eyes and mind open to these kind of things. There are times where we noticed somethings wrong with today’s society and world, but we chose to ignore it and pretend like its nothing. And I also appreciate learning about other people and their lives and the struggles they had to face everyday and how they control it and solve it.

Seriously, Connor just spill out whatever is in his head or mind. He let it all out without filtering it, which makes this book so raw and insightful. He talked about his journey from childhood to being a teenager and to his adulthood. We thought growing up was easy and we were wrong, but the journey and the adventure of it are beautiful. Every pathway, every steps we take during our journey to be a grown up person shape us into the person we are today. Yes we all made mistakes, we done lots of terrible things, but that’s the process of us learning from it and it help us grow to become a better person we can be, and that’s what makes the growing up journey so beautiful. We learn from the past to build a better future.

In some way, I feel like the writing could have been better but I still enjoyed it, especially I love looking at all the pictures on each page of the book.


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