Publication Date: 13/12/2011
Rating: 4/5

Looking at the cover, many will think that this is just another teen love story, but there’s more to it than you think. As I was reading the book, I saw some symbolism and the connections to the book’s theme of empowerment and becoming environmentally conscious. From liking a boy to being a vegetarian to being over-protective towards the environment.

There are 3 girls who had a crush on a guy, and that guy happened to be a new student at the school. So these 2/3 of the girls changed their behavior, attitude and personality just because of one guy. This guy is also a vegetarian and he really-really protective towards the environment. It was kind of funny at first but then it got really serious from the middle to the end of the story.

Just because of this Cody Lightfoot guy, those girls joined the Environmental Club at their school. Waneeda was portrayed as not-so-head-over-heels for Cody but had a crush on him, while Sicilee and Maya are so head over heels for Cody until they were both joining the Environmental Club. Maya and Sicilee are serious about the competition to win Cody’s heart, both of them became a vegetarian because of him and really care about the environment because of him, their attitude change from worse to better and that what drives them away from their friends.

It was understandable that their friends didn’t like the new them, because they’ve changed, at least both of them change for the better and not for the worse. Their attitude before this are so bossy, and likes to talk bad of each other but since Cody exist, they become a totally new person, I would say the new them are much more better than the old them.

They follow the right path which is being more careful and really care about the environment. Even though their friends aren’t being so supportive but in the end they understand those changes. The changes in the girls are subtle, happening almost before they realize that they are changing. There’s so much positive messages in the book.

Let me mention that there’s a twist with Cody’s character. Yes he’s attractive and has great personality and all but when I was halfway reading the book, I had a feeling that there will be a twist and it was true. He’s a selfish person, he only care about himself, like when the girls was protecting a huge tree from being cut down, he was there and he planned it. He was the one who asked for the tree to be cut, and it was such a disappointing moment for the girls, after all the hard work they’ve done, Cody just plainly betrayed them like that. But I was happy none of the girls end up with him, and also I’m glad after that they just cancelled their crush on him.

Sometimes, we’re blind by other things until we don’t really care much about the environment. This isn’t just about love or trying to win a guy’s heart, but also it’s about the environment around us, there are lots of trees being cut down due to making large buildings or making houses, and animals lost their home and so on. The story aren’t all fiction. I like how the author main focus is about taking care of the environment and not focusing on romance at all.



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