Publication Date: 2/07/2015
Rating: 4/5

It is a story about two teenage boys, one allergic to electricity, and the other one has a weak heart that kept pumping by an electronic pacemaker. If they ever meet, one would seize while the other one would die.

At first, I thought these two has some sort of supernatural abilities but no, actually these two had a health problem and their parents sent them to this one laboratory for child experiments and also to help cure them although the truth is they can’t be cured. It was pretty much a complicated story to understand.

So, the boy named Oliver Paulot aka Ollie is allergic to electricity. It gives him epileptic and he fries things. He’s been living his whole life in a cabin in the woods, where it is safe for him. If he see something like a mobile phones, laptop, or power lines, he got thrown away and his nose will bleed due to his allergy and any electronic devices automatically died.

Comes another boy named Moritz Farber aka Mo. He has no eyeballs, don’t mistake him with being blind, he’s not blind but he has no eyes at all. He’s an out-of-this-world level of echolocation, so he can basically ‘see’ anything just by hearing it, and also he is a pacemaker.

That’s the problem, NO MEETING! They can’t meet because if they meet, one will die and another one will have a very bad seizure. If they ever meet, both will cause a huge problem. It just shocked me because I’ve never read a book with this kind of storyline and having to meet these kind of characters, this is so new to me and I was having a very hard time to process the whole situation, that I had to re-start again from the very beginning just to understand the story.

I don’t find this book that great, from the beginning to the end it felt so dull to me. Yes it was good that the author explore more about Ollie and Mo’s illnesses and what are the pros and cons of having it, but there’s nothing I find interesting other than learning about their illnesses and how they overcome it although they can’t be cured, and they have to spend the rest of their lives like that.

It was a common story to have a pen pal and then write them a letter and in that letter you write about how’s your day going and what’s happening in your life, I mean just keep updating each other. Many other books out there has this kind of story except without the illness part. So for me there’s nothing much interesting about the book.

The only thing that keeps me going are, the secret laboratory, who was behind it and how it all began and also my curiosity towards their illnesses. So I kept on reading and the doctor who always keeping an eye on Ollie and always helped him called Dr. Auburn Stache.

He actually worked at the secret lab alongside Ollie’s father and just so happened that the person who started this secret lab thing and also the owner of it is actually Moritz’s mother. One hell of a shocking reveal for me, I wasn’t expected that Mo’s mom is the one who started it all. The only thing that I guessed since the beginning is that Dr. Stache and Ollie’s father are both scientist and has something to do with these kids illnesses which turns out to be correct. The only thing I didn’t see coming was the one that involved Mo’s mom.

It was sad for Ollie at the end, because he already lost his dad when he was a kid and now he lost his mom, so all he have left is Dr. Stache. I was so happy when Dr. Stache finally bring Ollie to meet other kids like him, and I can’t wait to find out how’s their adventure going in the next book. Yes he has to go out of the house but he’s wearing a safety suit that Moritz gave him.

They’ve been writing a letter to each other and tell each other the truth and update each other about what’s going on in their everyday life. I’m not sure if Ollie and Mo will meet in the next book, but if Ollie is wearing his safety suit then anything can happen. I was just so excited for the second book because we will finally be introduce to other kids like Ollie and Moritz.

Ollie is the most funniest guy and like to make many references and like to make jokes while Mo is just so dark I mean he’s just being all serious, well that was very understandable because of his dark past. I’m looking forward to find out what’s gonna happen in the next book.

P/S: I’m already starting the second book and currently on chapter 25 but stay tune for the review soon.


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