Publication Date: 7/02/2017
Rating: 5/5

Hear me out, I did said that the first book was boring, nothing much interesting except for learning about the illnesses of Ollie and Moritz. Guess what, this book, this second book which is a sequel to Because You’ll Never Meet Me are so much more interesting than the first one.

We finally get to see Ollie went on a road-trip with Dr. Stache to meet with the other ‘Blunderkids’ which means the kids that had illnesses just like him and Moritz. First, we’ve met Arthur, a guy who can heal pretty quick if he break his bones. I mean, it was clearly stated that he did break his bones multiple times but it healed pretty quick like in a second, the thing is he can’t stand up, he just have to sit on a wheelchair for the rest of his lives.

It was interesting to follow Ollie’s adventure on meeting these Blunderkids. We get to learn a bit about them and get to know what kind of illnesses they have. I’ve felt happy for Ollie that he finally get to see the world and get to go out without caring about him having an allergy to electricity, after all he’s wearing his safety suit so meaning he can’t harm anyone and he won’t get any seizure if he go anywhere near the electricity. But later on, his suit was destroyed and he has to wear a safety beanie that his mom knitted for him to protect him.

He was all excited and really enjoying his life that he’s finally free to go out. He obviously in his happy place. Meanwhile, Moritz doesn’t enjoy his life that much, it was complicated for him, there’s a good thing going too actually but mostly his stories are so not interesting, I mean he always talked about his relationship, he has lots of ups and downs going on. I feel bad about him too, and I wish him happiness.

There’s just so much going on with Moritz, I was happy to see him happy that he went to Myriad Academy where he pursued the career that he always wanted. He was an excellent student there, and that is where he met another Blunderkid, her name is Molly and she has two mouths. She always talk about positive things and always been so sincere, but her other mouth likes to talk about negative things and talk bad about others.

For me, Ollie’s experiences are a better story to follow. He get to meet another Blunderkid named Bridget who has a removable heart, she can take out and put back her heart. She can’t feel things when she take out her heart, it pains her to feel things, and that’s the main reason why she always take out her heart and never put it back in. She tried to blender her heart once, and tried to flush it down the toilet once.

It was just too much, I get very emotional just learning about these kids, their past, and their stories. They can’t be cured and that’s the problem, I just want to see them happy and become like any other normal kids out there. This is the reason why Moritz posted a video on the Blunderkids forum and he asked for other Blunderkids help to find his mother, because his mother started all of this, she turned all of these kids into something that isn’t normal. All the crazy things she’d done to these kids are so horrible.

Just imagine being Moritz, knowing that your mother did horrible crazy stuffs to innocent children’s and made them as her test subject, experimented them and then take their happiness away. All of this makes Moritz not happy, he can’t be happy all the time knowing what her mother did to other Blunderkids, not just him.

At the end, the truth hurt. The reason why Arthur and Ollie’s mom died, it was because of Ollie, whoever go anywhere near him or touch him, they automatically get cancer. Arthur was normal before he met with Ollie, after he met Ollie, something serious happened to him, his hair started falling out and he became way too skinny.

Want it or not, Dr. Stache have to tell Ollie the truth. Ollie was already happy, he lived with another people when Dr. Stache left him, he lived with Dr. Arana and Brian, and he went to school with Brian and Bridget. He practiced how to control his allergy to electricity. He went to a supermarket and take off his safety beanie, and being so confident and calm about it, and then nothing happened, that just boost his confidence level. Once he finally learned the truth, it really hurt him and take away all of his confidence on being normal and going out without safety.

He requested Dr. Stache to bring him home and he went back to his old lifestyle, going back to living in the woods again. I was crying when he said his farewell on his letter to Moritz because his letter sounds like a suicide letter. Moritz also finally flying off to Arkansas according to him and finally getting out of his house, out of his country to meet his mom.

Guess what at the end, he’s not meeting his mom, but he went to meet Ollie. I cheered for that exact moment, THEY FINALLY MEETING EACH OTHER AT LAST. For over a year they’ve been writing letters to each other and now they appeared in front of each other. Near the end, it was like Ollie and Moritz switch places, because Moritz became the happiest boy while Ollie became the saddest boy. All this time, Ollie was the happiest one and Moritz was the saddest one, but since the truth came out, everything has changed.

Moritz just doesn’t care if he get cancer or not just by going near Oliver, he doesn’t care about it at all, they straight up hug each other. Their long distance friendship are so strong, they never stop writing to each other.

I didn’t really care for these two that much when I first read Because You’ll Never Meet Me, but the second book which is this book, it made me care so much for these two, not only them but also all the other Blunderkids too.

I’m hoping for a third book, like the ending can’t stop there. I want a third book seriously, no kidding. Just give these kids the happiness they deserve. Like why can’t the author pair up Oliver with Bridget and Moritz with Molly. The two of them had strong chemistry with the two girls.

Molly helped Moritz fit in when he first transferred to Myriad Academy. She is the only person who gave Moritz a tour around the campus, and both boosted each other confidence level and Moritz became all worried when he found out Molly was hospitalized because she tried to sewed her other mouth. He kept on visiting her ever since he found out about it.

Then there’s Bridget, she was a stubborn girl, she doesn’t want her heart back so she gave it to Brian. The first time she met Ollie, he stopped her from blending her heart, he took her heart away from her and ran outside of her house because he doesn’t want her to die.

Oliver is the first person to ever take care of Bridget’s heart before he caused an accident to a school bus. After that, Bridget asked Brian to take care of her heart, and when Brian told her that Ollie was at the supermarket after he found out the truth about Arthur and her mom and that he is radioactive, she took her heart away from Brian and ran all the way to find Ollie and she told him to calm down. They also been writing to each other before Moritz came to meet Ollie.

Clearly there’s a strong feelings going on with these four characters. But sadly the author didn’t go for that route, hopefully in the third book, IF there is a third book.


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