It begins as an assignment for English class which is writing a letter to a dead person. So, Laurel wrote a letter to a certain singers and actors/actresses because her dead sister May loved them. It’s not until Laurel has written the truth about what happened to herself that she can finally accept what happened to May.

She made a lot of deep confession on the letter that are so touching. It was a great book overall, because not only that she was still grieving her sister’s death but she also still learning how to accept what happened to her sister. When her sister passed away, a piece of her has lost, gone with her sister, so it’s great to see her journey on finding herself back, on finding a piece of her that has been gone. And also it’s great to see how she overcome it.

This is like 13 Reasons Why except it was in the form of a letter not tape, but of course this isn’t about suicide, but this is about how a girl still struggling with the death of her own sister and it showed her struggles on accepting it and how she finally succeed in accepting what actually happened. Not only that but the story also had a focus on other important subjects such as depression, sexual assault and many more.

This book just makes me so desperately sad, it is a profoundly moving meditation on grief that was written with rare sensitivity and the kind of spoken language that nearly makes your heart stop with moments of quiet, anguished beauty. It was just beautifully well-written.



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