All quotes are from A MILLION JUNES by Emily Henry.

1. And for all those who find ways to go on: Better days are coming for our little hearts.

2. Maybe things like her don’t have eyes. Maybe they wander, unseeing, through the world.

3. Like heaven on earth, like the silent world before anything had gone wrong.

4. Some people are too alive to fully die, their stories too big to disappear.

5. There’s something so thrilling about wandering around only to get yourself un-lost—especially when the thing you’re lost in blurs the line between dream and reality, possible and impossible.

6. That’s the way the lake air works: It carries the feelings you exhale into someone else’s inhalations, it syncs your heartbeats, connects you to everyone else who loves it like you do.

7. It bugged me more when people didn’t mind their own business.

8. The weight of loss is so familiar to me by now that I’ve become a master at misdirecting myself.

9. All the good things in the world shouldn’t make up for the best thing we had but lost.

10. Sorry is a white flag, an I can’t help you.

11. Your violent blow from the universe might be right around the corner, and then I’ll have nothing to give you either.

12. Even when it’s good, it’s hard and terrible and you lose things you can’t ever replace.

13. A narrative arc should do more than capture an ordinary day, even if the main events take place on an ordinary day.

14. When you lose someone, you start to feel like there’s an expiration date on your crying.

15. It’s not like anyone says you should get over it. But they think—and they’re mostly right—that someday you won’t think about it so much. Or maybe you will. But you’ll only remember things you love and appreciate that you had them, and the hurt will have burned off like morning mist does as the sun rises higher.

16. Grief is an unfillable hole in your body. It should be weightless, but it’s heavy. Should be odd, but it burns. Should, over time, close up, but instead it deepens.

17. It’s hard being far from the people you love. In a way, you never stop feeling like a child, even after you have your own.

18. No one’s perfect. There are times when someone hurts you, or falls short of what you expect, and you remember what you used to have. Only in memory it looks shinier than it was.

19. Most of the time, when you regret something, you haven’t seen what the thing you regret can lead you to, if you let it.

20. The most epic character in the world isn’t much without something worth fighting for.

21. Sometimes there’s so much heart in your words that the rules go out the window.

22. What is there to see when your whole world dies in front of you?

23. I wanted to forget this feeling forever. The feeling of being ripped into two people: the you of before and the one you’ll always be once you know what it is to lose something.

24. He would find something to love about her in every season of life, and he would always, always come home.

25. There are always at least two versions of everything.

26. Sometimes, when we write about conflicts we’re still in the middle of, we produce great emotion, strong feelings, but the technical aspects of the story fall to the wayside, because we don’t understand the interconnectedness of all the elements of our own narrative yet.

27. Usually, when a person goes, the truth goes with him, and someday even the stories—the lies he told—are forgotten, and there’s no way to recover them.

28. This is how grief works. It watches; it waits; it hollows you out, again and again.

29. Maybe he’s yours. Or maybe you two are the luckiest people in the world and you’ve already found your fireworks-in-the-sky, holding-hands-until-you-die Forever Person.

30. Maybe you break up and it sucks, but then you heal and move on and fall in love again. Or maybe this is it, the last person you’ll ever have butterflies for, you last first kiss, but you get to grow up together, start your life together sooner. And you know what else? You don’t have to be afraid to walk away either way, because you, are amazing, and there’s no expiration date on soul-love.

31. I want to believe that, but I can’t. No one is forever.

32. I think my favorite parts of like are the things I didn’t know I wanted.

33. Everything you thought you were and wanted to be was based on a person who didn’t exist.

34. I see you, and somehow, from across the room, you convince me I know who you are. And if I’m wrong, you’ll break my heart. And if I’m right, you’ll break my heart too. A person shouldn’t be so pretty it hurts too look at her.

35. I’m cursed. I’m destined to hurt you every time we collide, and we’re gonna collide, because that’s destined too.

36. It’s strange how the smallest things and the biggest are so alike.

37. Hurting someone doesn’t mean you don’t lie them, and being mad at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them.

38. Your defenses are down, you’re once more open to new people and things, and that means you might start falling in love with something or someone new, and you kinda feel like you have to devote as much time as you can do to it until it’s too late, but you’re also trying to cram all your time with the stuff you already love and don’t want to leave.

39. I want to know you. Not just who you are now, or who you were in a handful of memories, but all of you.

40. When I’m with you, I remember there’s such a thing as a present, and a future. It feels almost okay that he wasn’t who I thought he was. Because now there are all these other things I never considered being or having, and I want them. And I feel like it’s okay to want them.

41. Together we step to the edge of the world and throw ourselves into the outstretched arms of the glittering sky. We fall as one, and the world is nothing but strands of light and dark zooming past us.

42. Maybe some people die gradually, move away from their bodies over time, but others—people who shine—go in an instant. You can see their souls in their eyes until the last possible second, feel the gap in the world the second they’re lost.

43. That’s the thing about moments. They always pass.

44. When people pity you, it’s like they honestly don’t realize the exact same thing’s coming for them. And then I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable and have to pity them, because, like, do you not realize it’s always someone’s turn? You haven’t noticed everyone gets a few blows that seem so big you can’t survive them?

45. If all of us are going to someday lose the people we love most, or be lost by them, then what is there to do but live? But that doesn’t seem like a good enough answer. The answers to the hard questions never seem good enough.

46. Once you’ve felt grief, it’s hard not to catch someone else’s. Especially when the person grieving is someone you love.

47. Sometimes your actual life takes over and you don’t have time to stare at a computer for four hours.

48. You can’t save anyone, no matter how hard you try.

49. So if someday the curse squeezes my heart so hard the blood stops pumping, I can disappear from this world knowing that night won’t be lost. The truth won’t be lost.

50. Memories are rarely totally accurate, and the move we’re asked about them, and the way we’re asked about them…well, it changes them.

51. Memory is mostly about making connections. We have snippets of real information, bits of imagination and emotions, and we combine them to tell ourselves stories.

52. He’s watching the world as he’s aways known it change into a place he doesn’t fit. He resents those who know how to change with it and those who pity him. I think he even resents those who love him.

53. Someday you’ll love something so much it turns every brown fish gold.

54. Evil’s something you can decide to do every day, and it gets easier every time. But the more good you bring into the world, maybe the more the rest of the world would look like this. Like paradise.

55. He believes he’s losing the world, and that makes him angry with anyone who’s managing to hold on.

56. I promise earth and heaven: I will love you long after the last human has taken his last breath. When the stars burn out and the oceans freeze over and the whole world is ash and dust and ice, our names will still be carved into the tree of life, side by side, and I’ll still be loving you.

57. Pain affects us all, even those of us who live a little closer to paradise than the rest.

58. Letting go is not forgetting. It’s opening your eyes to the good that grew from the bad, the life that blooms from decay.

59. I knew who you were, and I was happy you didn’t seem to recognize me. I wanted to stay there as long as I could, to spend as much time as possible before you found out.

60. I like that you know you can’t fix the thing that hurts in me. And that you understand it gets better but you never stop missing people. I like that you know no human being will ever make it okay that you lost someone.

61. Someday maybe we’ll have a bad breakup or grow apart and—curse or not—all the stars will burn out and the planet will have another ice age, but I’ll go on loving you because I see you, and I can’t unsee you.

62. Maybe for some people, falling in love is an explosion, fireworks against a black sky and tremors rumbling through the earth. One blazing moment. For me, it’s been happening for months, as quietly as a seed sprouting. Love sneaked through me, spreading roots around my heart, until, in the blink of an eye, the green of it broke the dirt: hidden one moment, there the next.

63. I like how you think about the worst things that have happened in a way that doesn’t justify them but finds the tiny specks of good circling them.

64. There’s too much in this world, under the slowly dying stars, that I love.

65. I’m sorry I messed up enough that when you saw the truth, it was always going to hurt. I never wanted you to stop looking at me like I was the sun, but now you know how things really happened. At least, as well as a series of moments can tell it.

66. Not every moment, not the things I saw or the places I went. You need to know where my heart was.

67. I wanted to sail across the world. I thought that was the life I’d lead and that the moments of mine that were closest to that would be the ones that made me. The truth is, I stopped dreaming about those things.

68. I am very small, and I don’t find myself wishing I were any bigger.

69. If you remember anything about me, remember the truest thing: I will love you after all the stars have burned out, after the sun has died and ice has covered the earth, after the last human has taken her last breath.

70. We may just be moments, but to love a handful of people very well, that’s a good life.

71. I was just a moment, and you gave me a million Junes. I was just a moment, and you made me forever.

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