Publication Date: MARCH 20, 2019


When a Royal dies, the realms elect the one to take their place. By reasons Camaria does not know, her realm elects her as the next Royal. Now that she is the new-found sixteenth Royal of the nation of Mirabelle, Cam embarks on a journey with her sisters and a young huntsman to the four realms of the nation to complete training in the four kinds of magic. Once she has completed this training, she will then be permitted to consume her annual amount of magic and possess manifested powers. Her ventures are unexpectedly steeped in precarious events when Cam discovers a secret plan of revolt, a past she never knew, and an ancient people group thought dead who call themselves the Spirit Followers.



They followed after the Cinis Lumen leader and his young son through the only opening in the side of the volcanic walls. Cam’s vision clouded before it was met with blurred blackness and glimmering reds and then flashes of silver in the firelight.
Clanging metal, hammers on stone, crackling fire, splashing water, treading feet and mixtures of hundreds of voices at various tones pounded her drums. The clamorous chaos of integrity and courage placed a rush in her veins. She was energy infused in a smoldering underground. Warm air, metal, leather, sweat, fire, and water combined, creating a taste of unified engineering. These sensations bombarded Cam as they became enveloped in Tyron’s world.
Cam began to perceive the particulars of the place. She glimpsed a silver lake mirroring firelight, weapons, the cavern overhead, and roaming persons. Cast over the lake was built an expansive bridge of rope and wood which led to an enormous slab of stone, jutting from the wall of the underground world. Upon this stone, was built an enormous castle which appeared to have been dipped in the blackest of ink. Though its coloring was like raven’s wing, it nearly blinded Cam, for the firelight allowed it to glimmer mercilessly. The castle’s head was adorned with pointed towers like sharpened blades. Great bonfires were built in numerous sections, filling the vicinity with smoldering heat.
Cam glanced towards Fiera. Her sister’s face was still grim, but her eyes were alight for the first time in days.
Blindingly white. Too white even with a black sky and silver moon hanging within it.
Elizabeth ate a full meal that night, thinking only of how soon Cole must receive her news.
The sky’s visage closely resembled a puddle after a spring rain, gray and wavering. It had rained copiously that spring. At times, in horrendous torrents and others in light drizzles. It had nurtured the earth of Mirabelle. The tree in the center of the Medulla Realm would now have been at its peak of a flourishing state. But instead, the tree lay forlornly on the ground, shriveled up, decaying branch by branch. One fact was known:
Mirabelle had no magic.
The concept seemed quite simple really, but in reality, no one in the nation knew how it had vanished. At least, no one who had yet stepped forward.
Camaria Caddell stood behind the stone castle of the Medulla Realm’s center, surrounded by fallen branches and debris scattered in the wind. The overcast sky correlated the sight before her. The silvery leaves and fruit had vanished. Cam clenched her jaw against a headache forming from the swirling of her thoughts. With brows drawn together and arms crossed tightly over her chest, Cam stared at the fallen tree. She barely noticed that her two younger sisters, Adria and Mista, stood on either side of her, motionless.

Rating: 4/5

I seriously debating on whether to give this book a 4 stars or 5 stars! For a first book in a series, this one isn’t actually bad at all. I was surprised it did so well even with a slight bumpy road in the middle. It definitely isn’t like what I expected at all.

The story focused on Camaria’s journey to become the next Royal. She never thought on her sixteenth birthday that she would be selected to become the next Royal and that she had to go through heavy and intense training in order to become one. And she never thought that she would learn something important along the way and had to fight in a battle against evil.

The story was a very well-written story and I truly appreciate the author’s effort in making such an intricate story. The fantasy world that were shown in the story is totally new to me. I never read anything like this one before; where each realm has different and unique types of magic. It was amazing learning what kind of magic does each realm possess. And which god do the people from each realm pray to.

Also, learning more about each realm and witnessing the differences it has from one another was truly epic. Especially when it involved a lot of its history with the Spirit Followers (the kind ancient group) and the Shadow Bearers (the evil group). Through Cam’s and the other main characters POVs, I learned a lot of things about each realm and which one is evil and which one is not. Everything about these realms are connected, especially when Spirit Followers are involved. I was glad to be able to witnessed everything that happened in the story. It truly amazed me how this complex world is easy to uncover and understand.

Cam, Peter, Fiera, Caleb, Terra, Owen, Saffira, Riah, Lia and Amelia, these people went through a lot in the story and their journey wasn’t easy. They suffered throughout the whole book, but at least they are the strongest and bravest people who aren’t afraid to do anything in order to save Mirabelle and also to defend what they stand for. I truly appreciate all the hard works they did in the story in order to win a battle against evil. I knew that their victory won’t stay long because there are so many unfinished business they have to face in the next book, and I can’t wait to see how everything will turn out for all of them.

There was a ton of action in the story which I truly enjoyed reading, because a fantasy story need to have an intense action scenes and this one doesn’t disappoint me for the most part. It was an action-packed fantasy story, and even with lots of action I was still hoping for the end battle to have an epic action between Camaria and the other Spirit Followers against Apollyon, Leviathan and the Shadow Bearers. The end battle was a bit of a letdown, I was preparing myself to see an epic action but all I got was just a small action that wasn’t as epic as I hoped for. But I’m counting on the sequel to have more epic action scenes, especially during a huge battle!

The story was quite surprising in some parts, and it was hard to predict how it will go next or how it will end. I usually can predicted how fantasy stories will end and what will happens next and most of my predictions came true, but this one was hard because it has lots of plot twists that I didn’t see coming. And also, the twists was so shocking that it had my jaw-dropped! I feel so satisfied with the twists and turns, and it wasn’t a lame twists but one that will have your mind stop working and you need to take a break to process everything. It was truly an unpredictable story. Once the truth was revealed, I finally connected the dots and see clearly the connection that everything and everyone has and why Apollyon wanted to attack Camaria and tried to take over Mirabelle. It all make sense after learning the truth about the whole thing, no wonder the story flowed so well.

I also wanted to say that the world-building was pretty massive and unique. Like I said earlier, I never read anything like this before. It was a very well-developed world and I can imagined the hard work that the author had to do before building this new fantasy world and trying to write it is obviously hard. And developing it in order to make it more realistic and more flesh out won’t be easy of course especially describing its settings, but had to give props to the author for having a big imagination and thinking widely in order to create this complex and amazing world. As a reader, I also had to open my mind widely in order to imagine this new world and also to process everything that the story tells.

The setting of the story was pretty interesting to me and I didn’t find it dull or whatsoever. And as for the writing, it wasn’t boring or bland, it was smooth and the battle scene could’ve been more interesting if the author know how to flow her writing for the part. I wouldn’t mind that the story has multiple POVs, but at least put the characters name on top of their respective POVs so the readers won’t get confused and so that the readers know which character tells the story.

As for the pacing, well…it was a well-paced story for the most part, but sometimes the pacing was too slow and it nearly made me lose my interest in continuing the story. But still I stayed until the end because I loved the story and enjoyed it, just the slow-pacing part disinterest me.

The ending was very shocking. It was a huge WTF moment! Honestly, I was shocked just like Cam and Peter did after finding out what happens to Mirabelle. That was truly a huge game changer for the sequel and I seriously eager to start reading the sequel in order to find out the ‘how’ and ‘why.’ The story ended in a shocking and huge cliffhanger, and in my honest opinion, it was the best and epic way to end a story because it makes us, the readers excited for the continuation. That was the cleverest ending, I have lots of theories in my mind on who was the culprit and I can truly imagined how intense Cam’s and the other characters journey will be next. The huge crisis will brings a lot of problems for sure and it already affected the realms in Mirabelle. I’m so eager to know what happens next!

Let’s talk about the characters. The main protagonist of the story, Camaria is the star of the story and the other main characters Peter, Fiera, Terra, Caleb, Lia, Amelia, Riah, Saffira and Owen also get to shine in the story through their own respective POV chapter. The story focused on Cam’s journey and she always accompanied by the main characters throughout her journey. As the main protagonist, she is a very brave young woman and can make a decisions like an adult. I fully understood her confusion at times, but I know deep down she knows what’s best for her.

All of these characters have a story of their own to tell, and they get the time to do so since they got a chapter that were told through their POVs. From their POVs, I get to know more about them and learn everything about their pasts. These character suffered a lot of hurtful things in their lives and yet they were so brave in facing so many challenges during their time in discovering the truths about each realms in Mirabelle. They don’t have a smooth journey, but they know so well just how to survived.

These characters doesn’t always make good decisions, especially Cam because her decision is proven to be wrong the whole time and in the end it bit her. She was a bit reckless and sometimes it annoyed me. Her personality wasn’t as great as the other characters, but I can see that she was trying her best the whole time. She suffered a lot of things and having to deal with losing two people who she witnessed their deaths in front of her eyes was pretty hard on her. She had nightmares and I felt sorry for her.

Since I mentioned two deaths, well the first one was someone close to her and the person’s death wasn’t as meaningful as I thought, it lacks emotion and the reason behind the person’s death was kind of lame. It wasn’t as heroic as I hoped for but it still saddens me that we lost her too quickly. And as for the second death it was Kane, a guy who she just met and his death was a heroic death, and his death was truly meaningful and even though I’ve known him in a short period of time, I can say that he was one of the best side character in the story. Sad that we lost him too quickly, it was fun to see what type of importance he will bring into the story if he was still alive.

I loved seeing the bond between Cam and the rest of her sisters. The loved they have for each other shine so bright and with Terra out of the picture, it must’ve hurt them knowing what happened to her. These sisters do have a strong and powerful bond and it was shown in the story that nothing can separate these sisters from each other. Fiera being the oldest always took a good care of her sister and Cam being appointed as the new Royal feels like she holds the responsibilities of protecting her sisters and making sure they’re safe. I’m looking forward to see more of them in the next book.

Lastly, the romance! A story like this doesn’t focus much on the romance since there are far more greater things that should become the focus of the story, especially when a greater evil still alive somewhere. Even with the whole magical elements and the focus on the greater good vs evil, the romance in the story also has its own part. I’m glad that the author doesn’t focus too much on the romance and made it as the side focus. The romance wasn’t like what I expected, especially the pairing. Caleb and Fiera was obvious since the start, but who would’ve thought Owen and Terra.

Peter and Cam is a great pairing since these two spend lots of time together and the time they spend together not only develop their characters but also it develop the kind of relationship they will have, and as for now the author focus on their friendship first but I can sense something more will develop later on. Peter and Cam is so compatible together in so many ways, and the tension was high when they shared a scene together. No one can deny the strong chemistry they both have, and I’m truly looking forward to see what the author has in store for them in the next book. There are still a lot more to learn about Peter’s past and I hope to see more of it being shown in the sequel.

Honestly, I would recommend this book for the lovers of epic-fantasy. This isn’t like the casual and normal fantasy stories, but this one is definitely fall into the category of epic-fantasy. The whole story definitely worth the read for fantasy fans. I loved it and truly loved it. It might not be perfect for some, but it definitely worth the read.


Publication Date: MARCH 20, 2019


Camaria is chasing the sparks of a war and trying to put them out before her world erupts into flames and all is gone. The vanishing of the magic of Mirabelle is only the beginning and the Seekers are formed to find its captors. Camaria, her sister Fiera, the young huntsman Caleb, Chinas Lumen leader Tyron, former Gnosi heir Riah, and two others are sent eat to find their stolen magic, but each has a mission of their own. Cam, having bee banished from two of Mirabelle’s realms, is determined to redeem herself by locating the legendary Crown of Caelae, prophesied by the Watchers, one of which was Peter’s father. Rich continues his secret quest to become one of the unidentified master’s seven warriors. Fiera still holds the wooden ball with its strange message inside, and Caleb has a secret past of his won. Peter, who remains in Mirabelle, is on the brink of discovering all of his father’s secrets and forming a plot of revenger on those who had killed Daniel years ago. Their own ventures are put on hold when they suddenly cross paths with an unexpected enemy in the perilous land called the Valley of Poison.



Before, Now, and After

“I had brothers once,” I say. My voice is an echo of the ancients. A mourn. A scoff.
“But…I betrayed them.”
I shift inward when the darkness folds itself around me. The darkness I’ve summoned for myself. “My brothers…their wings were more…magnificent. The first brother’s were fashioned of gold, but the weight was nothing to hinder him.
They…rippled in the city. Like a banner proclaiming the way of Elyon. He was the only one with golden wings.
“The second brother’s wings were like shimmering sapphires threaded with silver. When I asked him why he would not give up his wings for those of Elyon’s Son, he scoffed.
“And I…the only one with wings fabricated of ash and smoke. The one who would indeed give them up. Or try to.”
I pause, allowing my cold breath to kiss the darkness around me.
Darkness…my friend and my foe.
“I betrayed my brothers for my own form of beauty and for my own ambition.”
The thought sinks into me and shifts my wings.
“Tales of war and bloodshed come from the Between Realm, that which lies between Caelae and the Realm of Shadows. But what most do not know is that the wars of Caelae were far…worse.”
Yes, I can see it now, just as clear as when they were first fought.
“Broken wings dripping crimson about shattered cities of starlight. Bones like diamonds, the foundation of a ruinous place. Caelae was once beautiful, but also…brutal. Brutal because two of its princes fought for its throne. One to defend it in light and honor with wings burnished of gold. And the other…to capture it with beauty and cruelty. With wings of smoke and ash. And when princes battle, they wear their crowns. Their regalty become but instruments. And in the end…one must lose.”
“We fought three battles once Elyon had designed and placed the heavenly bodies. He had named them after us, his favored creatures of Caelae. To the brother with golden wings he gave the sun, to the brother with wings like the sea he gave the moon, and to me…the one who would betray him, he gave the stars. Of course, the stars do not belong to me. Even you, as a human, would never begin to think of them in my likeness. They are a reminder to me…that I will never be as numerous, as loved, as brilliant and adored.”
“That is what we named the battles: the Battle of the Stars, the Battle of the Moon, the Battle of the Sun. A war fought in three parts for each of its participating princes. Both my brothers fought against me, and so you must know how it ended.”
“I lost, but, human, I am still fighting. The wars you see in your own world, in the Between Realm, are birthed of what I have already fought. The wars you encounter are but shards of the ones I have summoned. And even while the battles in Caelae were far more brutal than you shall ever witness, the battle over your souls is somehow even more valuable. To everyone. To my Enemy and to myself.”
I pause to stare at you. “Yes, you. I am speaking to you. You see, in this world, it is Elyon that writes your story, but I am the one to tell it. You see, just as Elyon gave me the stars, he also gave me the Between Realm. The Realm of Shadows is where I dwell, but it is the Between Realm in which I roam until it is brought to utter ruin.
If I am to be brought to ruin, so will you and your home.
Yours truly,
Lucius, Prince of the Between Realm and Traitor of Caelae

Rating: 5/5

Seriously, I just want to cry due to the fact that I finished this one and have to wait for the next book. I’m so eager to find out what happens next to all the characters in the story! But oh well, I’m just praying that the kindest ones are safe and I hope Cam and Peter stay together until the end of the series, Fiera and Caleb too.

I don’t know how to calm down because this book was so amazing and the whole story was so epic and I was blown away by how good it become. The author really did a great job for writing this epic fantasy story. Now I’m not even sure if there’s any books that can top this one. I mean…the first book was doing well, and this one also did so well. It just keeps getting better and better and better.

The story picks up where the first one left off. Cam is back on an epic journey along with her sister, Fiera and the rest of their friends in search of finding the magic of Mirabelle that vanished not too long ago. In their journey, they faced old enemies, had to go up against someone who was once cared for them, had to go through tough challenges, had to deal with betrayals left and right, had to watch the losses of someone close to them and had to fight in a dangerous and deadly battle. But this time around, they needed more allies in order to help them in surviving whatever dangerous thing coming their way. It was a fight for survival, because this time their enemies is going after the crown that they—the Spirit Followers—protected.

It was a very well-crafted story, written carefully so it will be as good as it is, and honestly it was more than good, it was the best ever! I was pretty satisfied with how everything went down in the story, and clearly enjoyed every single moment of it and I savored it all. The author did well writing such a huge sequel, yes HUGE! You heard me right, it was a HUGE BOOK!!! And I’m not complaining because I loved it and it was the best epic-fantasy story.

It started off so well and the more the story goes, the better it gets. There was a huge development in the story, and it was clearly an upgrade from the first book. Even though the story was very long, at least it helps the readers better when it comes to trying to understand the whole situation in the story. The longest the story, the better. It also helps in developing characters if the story is longer. It wasn’t a smooth story because they are deaths that totally shocked me and I was sadden and heartbroken because good people always be the first one to have their lives taken away. And also, betrayals that I didn’t see coming, this is actually coming from a character who has been loyal to the good side and doesn’t look so suspicious. Lastly, the mind-blowing twists and shocking identity reveals. I’m glad that my mind can still function properly and normally after reading this book.

The author deserve more recognition for her work, because she didn’t disappoint with plotting the story for this book. Trying to plot a story, let alone an epic fantasy like this one, it must’ve been hard of course, but she did it so well and I didn’t see any missing things. I have read lots of fantasy books that contained many plot twists, but this one can take the throne for being the only fantasy book that has TOO MANY PLOT TWISTS!!! You read that right, there was too many twists and turns. Just when you thought you already figured it out and all the secrets and truths has been revealed, but actually there are more to it. There are more truths and secrets in the truths and secrets that was revealed. It will make your mind go mad for a little bit and I was so blown away by those twists and turns. Truly clever on the author’s part. There was a lot of jaw-dropping moments and I had to write down everything in my notebook because I was so shocked by literally everything. I can’t even predict anything, I can’t even tell what happens next, and with all the plot twists, it made the whole story unpredictable and the answer will always be unexpected. This book has all the potential, and it was good on the author’s part for not wasting its potential.

The characters get their own development which I was so happy for! It was rare to find a book where all of the characters in the book get a development or the characters get their development done right. This book, not only it has a great story and well-thought plot, but it also featured lots of amazing characters. We also get to meet some new characters that becomes a great addition in the story. All the characters in the story, whether their roles are major or minor, each of them contributed something important, which showed that these characters, they are all playing their own parts in the story and it is important for the readers to look more into their characters and not just brushed it off as if their characters are not important. Never dismiss any characters in this series! And bonus point: each characters get their own POVs.

Camaria, the protagonist of the story, the one who lead the story, well in this book we get to see more of her struggles. We see her when she just shut down and had to battle her own demon inside. She suffered a lot in the first book, and in this book we get to see how she handles it and what are the effects she get after witnessing all the deaths and after going through a lot of hellish challenges in this sequel. She had PTSD and she was getting more depressed than she was before. Her mental health caused her to be distant from other people who cared for her, even her own sister. I understand her, and can relate to her situation. I was sadden by how she handles it, but it was understandable. She was grieving silently and keep all the hurt inside of her. I feel like I want to give her a warm hug and just tell her that she will get through it one day, it doesn’t matter how long it will take. Her addiction was something that she can’t get enough of, and it all started after she lost her other sister in the first book. The sign was all there, but she kept it hidden so others won’t see it. She was still battling her own issues, but when she finally done with it, we can see the new side of her. The brave and the strong side of her, even when she breaks, she still remain so strong and she knew that her creator will always protect her and spare her life because her creator has a great plan for her. She was like phoenix, she was broken and her soul died a little bit every time she lost someone that she loved, but she will rise again and like a fire she become more stronger than before. Even if she is a flawed heroine, she is still a good person with a kind heart and believe what was right.

Fiera is just still as fierce as she was back in the first book. She had her own moments of suffering. She suffered just like Cam did, but with her strong determination on destroying their enemies, she masked away all the hurt and pull up a tough face because she knows if she let the hurt get in her way, she will totally shut down, but she can’t let it happen because she know she still have a mission to complete. And I loved her for it! She was tough as hell, and I think it was better that she remains that way, at least there is someone that still remain strong enough to help Cam get out of her own misery and darkness. She helped Cam even though it was too late, but she still help her knowing so well that her sister need all the help. She was so caring and always give her best in helping anyone who needed help, and always try her best to protect the crown that they were task to protect. She is a fierce warrior, and I hope she gets to lead a group of soldiers in the next book.

Peter is truly my most favorite character. My heart breaks for him in this one. The things he had to go through made him suffered an injury so big that it slowed down the healing process. I hope he comes back stronger in the next book, because seeing him still not healing makes my heart hurt badly. He his own personal mission in this book, which was to find out the truth about his father which he finally had the answer and it was also an answer that shocked me. I’ve been asking myself this the whole time I read the book, “When will I ever stop being so surprise???” At least he finally get the answer he’d been searching for all these years. And I don’t know why, but I got a feeling that there is still more to the story about his father and that Peter still has a lot more to uncover about his father. I just don’t think a single answer about his father will stop him from searching for more. Can’t wait to see where the next book will bring Peter to, I just hope he and Cam stay together. He was a young gentleman and is a soldier in his own way. He did make sacrifices in order to protect those he hold dear. He made brave choices that can put him in dangerous situations, and yet he still did it because he believe that in the end everything will be fine. He was fast at thinking things regarding planning ahead of his enemies. He was so clever, the way I see it and he had proven much. He still remain as consistent as he was before, but in this one he become a lot more braver. I just can’t wait to see more of him and Cam (because they’re my favorite OTP).

Caleb was the character that suffered a loss of his own family and also suffered a loss of his precious ability. I feel so sad for him, but he did it all in order to protect his friends, in order to help Cam and Fiera. We also get to learn a little bit about his background and there was a shocking truth about him that I, myself didn’t expect. I understood where his statement came from, but he apologized to Fiera just like Peter did to Cam. He wasn’t a coward, that much is true. Even with his current state, he still managed to crack jokes and make the situation light-hearted even for a little bit. Even after everything he and the rest had to go through, he managed to make everyone smile and feel happy and he didn’t lose his charm and his ability to make people laugh. He can be fierce when he wanted to, and I hope he’ll be able to go back to fighting and hunting down animals, I know what he lost, but at the mention of Caranthia’s advanced medical, I’m sure it will play a part one day and maybe there he can be treated along with Peter. Most importantly, I can’t wait to see what’s coming for him next.

Ilea is the one character that has been mentioned before, but we finally get to meet her character in this book. She has another secret identity that was revealed to everyone and again, it was an unexpected identity reveal. I was wary of her at first because I couldn’t fully put my trust in her, but I slowly trusted her when she keep on proving that she’s on Cam’s side. Her magical ability surprised me. For an old woman, she’s not too bad at still being able to fight in a huge battle especially the one involving a magic fight. She pretty much can hold her own. She had done so many great things and she is the key in finding the crown and the savior that the Spirit Followers has been preaching about. She was clever too and contribute just as much to the team. The ending for her was a bittersweet ending, and I hope she’s still side with Cam. Wherever she go to next, I hope she will be safe. I’m hoping to see more of her using her magical skills in the next book.

Joel is a new character, a new addition to Cam’s crew. At first I was wary of him, afraid he will betray Cam and the rest of her companions. He’s new and his motive on joining Cam on the journey of finding and protecting the crown was still unclear. But at the end, he told her the truth and it was another surprise learning something about him. He’d done something ruthless quietly and had to live with that guilt, but once he come clean he was feeling better. Even with little parts, he still contributed something to the team. He helped save Cam and her friends when they were in Mingroth. And he was there with them during the final battle. I can say that he had great fighting skills. He served his purpose, and just like Ilea, he got a bittersweet ending, but I’m sure he will come back again to help—if no one from the villain side get ahold of him.

Arria is another new character joining the journey in finding the crown and eventually asked to steal it. She’s on the evil side. I don’t think she is truly evil or bad. There was a part where she was confused at what she had done and even angry at the master that she served. It was like she still doesn’t know if what she had chosen is right for her. The ending showed just how much she wanted to escape from her current life. She was a fun new addition, and is a fierce fighter that can be very daring too, but I’m hoping she’ll get a redemption arc and by whatever’s way will somehow ends up joining Cam. I have a theory that she and Joel might have been friends before, their backstory both kinda linked in a way. And in one of Joel’s POV, it kind of confirmed my theory, but I can’t be too sure.

Riah made me want to strangle him the more I read his POVs. One second he was all scared and confused, and another second he was all evil and hell-bent on destroying whoever has the crown. He was like an anti-hero, but I can’t say that since he’d shown more side of him that points to him being evil. His journey of wanting to escape from his old life and make a new one continues here. He knew what he wanted, he made his choice loud and clear and yet he still cling to the one thing that is precious to him. A Spirit Follower who captured his heart. It made me sad every time he had nightmares about his parents and when he remember Saffira (Peter’s sister). It was like there are two persons living in one body. He makes me want to give him a hug to want to strangle and eventually kill him. He managed to make my blood boils by acting so evil. The author really did a great job writing his character then.

Leviathan and Lucius can even be brothers if they wanted to since these two are so evil. Leviathan still keeping his characters the same as the one in the previous book. He was so evil and always one step ahead and I hated him for it. Can he just at least lose even once??? He’d been serving his master, Lucius and the ending makes me feel a bit sad for him. Why am I feeling like this tho? First Riah and now him! I’m not on Leviathan’s side, because I know he’s still evil, what makes me sad was how Riah described him at the end of the book and also his letter to Riah. Deep down he cared for Riah even though he never showed that in front him because he is the type of creature who doesn’t know how to do it. But where did Leviathan go at the end? Or did I miss something and he is dead? It was still a mystery, one that I can’t wait to find out once the next book comes out. Now the matter with Lucius, well he just showed up even after his name was mentioned too many times in the first book. He finally physically present and showed himself. I want to see how evil he is, I know he is evil but how far? He was still a mystery and there’s a lot more about him that we have yet to learn and uncover. Battling him will take more than just one book, I guess. Nobody is ready Lucius, even me.

Silva was that one evil queen that everyone scared of. Unless is you’re part of Cam’s crew then you sure is a fierce person and isn’t scared of this mad queen. Silva’s true background was also a surprised, and well…that was truly a surprising behavior to witness. I’ve never seen Silva as ruthless as she was in this book. She was so evil and so ruthless, after I watched how sinister she had become, I asked myself this, “What the hell happened to her?” The change in her behavior was truly shocking to me, I didn’t expect her to go full mad queen mode. She’s unlike the Silva that I’ve known in the previous book. She literally gone mad the whole time. She definitely would give Glista a run for her money. Sad that we didn’t get to see a showdown between these two evil and mad ladies. Even though they were both on the same side, but they weren’t truly on the same side either (if you know, you know). She’s the cruelest mother of the year for sure, what she did to Mista was truly sick, it was the sickest moment in the story.

Owen is the unexpected person to be on the evil/villainous side. He’s not a villain, he’s very much a good man with a kind heart, but his mind and heart was twisted the moment he learned about the death of the girl he loved. Grief changed a person in a big way. No one suspected him of anything but when Fiera and Caleb revealed what they found about Owen’s secret mission, it angers Cam and I was just sitting in my room reading this book and get shocked about what I just read. Now that he is under Lucius influence, I bet he might show a little bit of change in his behavior. If he turn fully evil, then I’m not holding on to the hope that he will one day come back to his old friends. I was surprised Peter hadn’t punch him yet! That would be something I would love to see. Now that he’s on the same side as Riah, and since these two are rivals of one another, I hope he stand up for himself and let out all of his clever knowledge just to show Riah who is better when it comes to knowledge and skills. But, will Owen ever get a redemption arc? That’s the question and I’m hoping to see the answer once the third book is out!

I’m fully aware that this book is a fantasy book and it involves battle, intense fighting, magic, ancient prophecy and so on, but the romance element was also get its time to shine. And even though there isn‘t much of it, but at least we get to see it in this book. The pairing are perfect. Caleb and Fiera, Peter and Cam. These two couples had been through a lot of ups and downs throughout their whole journey. They suffered together and when one is down, the other helps. The four of them did something wrong, made a decision that can harm their partners, but they all came forward and come clean to each other and apologized for their wrongdoings. Well, at least none of them are cowards, and they still save a face to confront each other and explain everything so their partners will understand them. These two pairings are perfect together. I know Caleb and Fiera will somehow get together, but I’m mostly excited for Cam and Peter. I’ve been waiting since the first book and they finally get their sweet romantic moments in this one. I’M SO HAPPY!!! I know there are still more to come and in someway they will have to face a tough challenges in their relationship, but I hope they will stay together and no other new person try to ruin either pairings. These two pairings are so precious, and it needs to be protected at all costs.

The whole book was a wild ride. Truly an amazing and epic book. What a gem it is! There are still more to come obviously, and I can’t wait to see where the story headed to next. This book introduces not only new characters, but also new places like Nazeria and Mingroth, and since Caranthia was mentioned too, I’m hoping we get to see it next. I want to see how it looks like, and what type of lifestyle will the people of Caranthia have. This book also explained the whole concept of the Savior and the Crown of Caelae and also settle the whole misunderstandings regarding Elyon and Lucius. I can see the little bit of religious element being adapted into this story, and I haven’t read any fantasy books like this one too. The author did a proper balance when it comes to telling the story from both the heroes and the villains POVs. Both of these two groups have their own motives when it comes to the crown, I can see the importance of each motives and why the heroes wanted to protect the crown and why the villains wanted to steal it. Everything makes a lot of sense. I’m glad that I found this book, it really worth my time. I’m gonna miss this epic adventure for awhile after this. But I’m so looking forward for the next book. I’m nervous and yet here I am, so ready!


Lydia Redwine is a young author from Cincinnati, Ohio, who, but the age of 18, has published a fantasy novel and a poetry collection to create work that is both refreshing and impactful.



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