All quotes are from INSTRUMENTS OF SACRIFICE series by Lydia Redwine.

1. Any human without Spirit is broken; their fragments scattered to the wind. Living without Spirit is similar to running without legs.

2. Choosing isn’t as burdensome as it seems.

3. Everyone lived under a certain set of rules, created for the benefit of the community at whole.

4. The one decision in my life that was going to be mine, is no longer mine.

5. The future is always uncertain.

6. Reading is one of the most beautiful experiences.

7. You and the rest of the Spirit Followers will fight to the end. Darkness gathers in heavier clouds. Evil is squirming its way out of the Infernal Cities. And when they reach up to choke our people, we must be prepared to be used as Elyon’s instruments to defeat them.

8. Restlessness: a common trait among young people who have hardly any inclinations what to do with their time.

9. Life will hold meaning and will no longer stand purposeless.

10. It wouldn’t be the same sleeping here, not without any sky to see.

11. There are such forests that if you reside long enough in them you will lose memory of the real world and will slowly be driven mad.

12. It is not the substance which deceives, if deception be an aspect.

13. If I were to be lost in a dizzying world to forget myself, I would feel quite unsatisfied after the fact.

14. There is a certain thrill to getting away with something when you have a partner in crime.

15. Freedom as in not just existing, but living and taking advantage of every moment of life and not allowing strict rules hold you down.

16. We believe in freedom here, in independence. That each person should make their own decisions and follow their own path.

17. Just because one is allowed to do things such as intoxicate themselves, does not always mean it is the morally correct deed.

18. Freedom in having the ability to make one’s own choices.

19. I love my home and believe very much that freedom is a good thing, but I am also convinced that freedom must be balanced with accountability and one must place or accept boundaries on their freedom. Humans cannot be trusted to make all the right decisions.

20. How do you keep yourself occupied and more importantly…what occupies your heart?

21. Words are more destructive than a sword.

22. Everyone believes themselves to be the good side. But the truth is, we are the between. Good and evil lie on either side of us, and before the end, we must make a choice of which side to join.

23. Having people around you, like your family, helps one grow.

24. The earth and everything in it was placed in a certain order. Everything connects to one another. If anything is out of order the rest falls apart. With the power of healing, we can keep those pieces in place if they should be broken. There are many who will try to change the course of the earth. It is our duty to keep it in order, to keep the weeds out. That is why we have traditions and rules in place.

25. It seemed like only yesterday when she felt as though her life was normal, that she belonged somewhere, that life wasn’t full of difficult decisions. Now, that had all changed.

26. Peace holds us together. Without bickering and disagreements, we can live in harmony.

27. Whatever you do, do it out of love for others, not hate.

28. Tell them there is hope beyond death.

29. Strategy is what your focus should be on.

30. Bravery isn’t about being well balanced physically and mentally to fight. It was about having the courage to stand up for someone else out of love. Love transformed them into new people. It ignited a flame that burned brightly and showed the whole world that they were not ashamed of their love.

31. The word death was used to just mean the end of life, now it meant the end of precious time spent with someone she loved.

32. Just because someone doesn’t appear to be brave doesn’t mean they lack bravery.

33. Bravery isn’t about not being afraid of things because not having any fear is impossible. Bravery is when you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for someone else, sacrifice everything you have for the right cause.

34. Answers that make sense, revealing the mysteries of our world.

35. I find it harder to believe half of their truth than to not believe it at all. But there is no better time to be bold and free than when one is young and those around them feed the false concept that truth is whatever they feel.

36. Darkness…my friend and my foe.

37. I will lose the war over your souls. I already have.

38. Tears did not reveal her sadness, but sorrow clung to her like the shrouds the whole nation now wore.

39. Change and hope ride the wind.

40. Something as crucial as someone saving the world couldn’t be built on rumor alone, could it?

41. In a way, the outside world is safer than home right now.

42. A song of hope. A cry of grief. Always there.

43. I do have a choice now. Out there in the wilderness, I could run away. I could get up and leave everything behind. Fear has driven me to all my actions so far. I have to make my own decisions.

44. I find we are the same in that way. Hesitant to deal in dangerous matters until it affects us and those we care about.

45. For years, so many years, prophecies have existed with diverging claims of saviors and wars and one king. But some are very false. So many intertwine and contradict each other.

46. The future holds secrets we do not yet know. The shadows grow darker in the midst of what we believe to be prosperity.

47. There was no need to dig up the past when it has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to do.

48. Forgiveness is something we should give to everyone, whether they deserve it or not.

49. All them evil people want is to weaken us.

50. The magic we know of isn’t capable of what we’ve witnessed. But there is other magic. The Infernal magic…

51. I vow now to never allow the past to become my weakness.

52. The artifact if which you seek is to play a part of great value in the time to come. The world is slipping further into shadows, into the clutches of the prince himself. When the Savior is prepared to be sacrificed, He will wear the Crown, and all will know He is the king.

53. How fortunate that you cannot fear death. But then…life must weary you.

54. People with fierce ambitions are never what they seem. Especially when they are human, and their humanity has been used against them.

55. Death is but an art I have learned. An art I could wield at any given…second.

56. Creating an unsolvable riddle isn’t the only way to win.

57. Find weak memories and attack them. Make her feel pain once more, genuine pain. A sort of pain that involves feeling rather than just weariness of being trapped in this hell of a valley.

58. She had expected a riddle insolvable, derived from twisted logic, but she hadn’t expected the riddle to come in the form of an entirely diverging language. A language felt instead of heard and written and read.

59. Music which couldn’t decide if it wished to be quiet or thunderous; if it wished to swing dancers into slow rhythms or have them move as it they were losing their minds.

60. The song was the color of hope, a flame amidst the shadow. And never had she heard a song sang like that. Like it was part of someone buried so deep that they had forgotten about it.

61. The stars appeared as blinking eyes from another world. As if the spirits of dragons themselves were gleaming down upon them.

62. Be yourself unless ‘yourself’ is about you and not everyone else.

63. The words faded inside of her like ash. Like they meant nothing. Everything inside of her was dull and still.

64. The world was no longer tainted blue but threaded with golden tones set in the gray clouds.

65. Darkness had come over him. Like a shadow had crept into his heart and wrapped itself around it, shutting all others outside.

66. It is the brokenness of the world that has done this to me. It is my own darkness.

67. I have found that we are souls wearing sacks of dust and ash.

68. No human ever perfectly loves another.

69. I feel like I am fleeting ash on the wind that someone could catch in their palm but that I would then dissolve.

70. I believe there is something far more powerful than us or anything that we have seen yet.

71. Just being human makes us…like nothing.

72. The future was no nightmare, only a dream they held for themselves.

73. I will not be with someone who finds themselves jealous of what has created me.

74. We cannot change who we are. We cannot spiral into nothingness and lose ourselves too.

75. Losing people you love is hard.

76. There are other ways to fight for what you love.

77. That’s the thing about believing. Sometimes you don’t know everything about what you believe.

78. It is strange that we pull away, hide within our sacks of dust we call bodies when we finally come to realize who is truly there for us and…who is not.

79. I don’t think it would have been possible for me to love anyone I knew then in the way they would have wanted me to.

80. We are all grieving in one way or another, and our enemies know the ways in which we grieve, for they, more than anyone, have caused it. They will turn us in on ourselves.

81. Sacrifice is a peculiar thing.

82. Strange the prices people pay, the sacrifices they make or accept or would have others make. The sacrifices that are not made. It’s everywhere.

83. You can ally yourself with someone but not have the same aspirations.

84. What is it like losing people and knowing you have to live forever before you can see them again?

85. They were like pieces of the stars which had fallen into my very hands.

86. Strange that some enormous part of me has been missing for as long as I can remember really. As long as the memories that count, anyway.

87. Death was but a passage.

88. I find it solemnly interesting how it took bringing us to our lowest through battles and torture and seeing loved ones suffer and die in order to realize that we have a creator who loves us. It would have been far simpler to just look at the stars in the heavens or the waters in the ocean, and know that this was all made for us.

89. I’d rather walk in sunlight and forget everything bad that has ever happened.

90. If I dwell on anything for too long, I cannot wrap my brain around it.

91. You can still learn, and you can still find something more in the world that we all search for.

92. One does not fall in love with someone willingly without knowing where they come from and how they ended up the way they are.

93. Gratitude and sorrow filled her simultaneously. Sorrow for the loss of two partners. Sorrow for the fact that their whirling circle would be smaller. Gratitude for the fact that she could still clasp hands with two people who loved most. Gratitude that they could still move together and that they would always be near in her heart.

94. True forgiveness does not come until your heart decides so.

95. Harboring bitterness against someone hurts you more than it hurts anyone else. Forgiveness, however, releases those toxins that poison your soul.

96. You do not know how happy you could be with someone until your lives collide.

97. I think to love something you’ve created means to give if free will and let them choose if they would love you in return.

98. I like to believe that no one was made for me, but that I was made for someone else. If you live with that mentality, you are more likely to serve and love that someone better than you would have to believe they were made for you.

99. She carried it. It surrounded her. It filled her with peace, driving out the pain and grief. She hung onto it for fear of losing herself as well.

100. You’re not just a girl. Not like I once believed you to be. You’re a warrior wearing strength and…dignity as your armor.

101. Tales of old ride the wind, some fading to dust and gold, but others become legends, lasting for centuries. Be a legend.

102. Revenge made them all dangerous.

103. The world was singing and glimmering with light. And she knew she would never feel this much joy in her life ever again.

see you soon

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