All quotes are from ELLA AND ASH by K.A. Last.

1. She usually speaks to me in different ways. Through the earth, and the plants, and the animals.

2. It’s one thing for someone to be rude to me, but another for me to be rude back.

3. Maybe if you stopped making assumptions, you would get somewhere.

4. Speak only when spoken to. And even then, only if it’s necessary.

5. Some things can’t be taught.

6. It would be nice to have someone I can be with, and talk to, without them snapping at me or ordering me to do something.

7. The only way magic can be good, is if it’s used for the right reasons.

8. I’ve come to accept my lot in life, living for the little moments that make it all worthwhile.

9. Animals like company just as much as humans.

10. Looks are not everything.

11. My shoulders are weighted in sadness.

12. You do not need a dress to make you beautiful.

13. They are responsible for what they do to you. But you are responsible for how you react.

14. It is your love, kindness, and courage, that makes you beautiful.

15. Whoever uses it to stop time, will also lose time. Everything around you may seem like time has stopped, but the clock keeps ticking, and for every minute the hands turns, that user will age that time three-fold.

16. There is nothing I can say that will explain how I feel in this moment. A moment where I wish there was no one else around us.

17. You shouldn’t talk so badly about people when they are not there to defend themselves.

18. Jealousy doesn’t make you look very pretty.

19. The longer I stay, the more time he will lose. I can’t let him make this sacrifice for me.

20. The truth always prevail.

21. People will do anything under the threat of losing all their magical possessions.

see you soon

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