The haunting at paradise house

Publication Date: 26 OCTOBER, 2019


If you were given the chance to become a powerful sorceress, would you leave behind everything you thought you knew?

When Addison is offered the positions of her dreams through a mysterious phone call, she rises to the occasion and moves to the Florida Keys to a mansion called Paradise House.

Footsteps from playful ghosts, a room of killer dolls, and an all too intelligent owl lead her to the mysteries that lie within the walls, to reveal the true reason behind her invitation. When dark forces get a hold of her and her patient, Addison is left with no choice but to take extreme measures to protect the ones she loves.

Will Addison be able to acquire the necessary skills fast enough in order to protect her patient, and defeat the evil entities that thrive in the mansion?



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Rating: 5/5

This book has everything I’m looking for in a Fantasy story; another dimension, magic/supernatural power, dead spirits, grim reapers, a spell book, dark entity, rituals etc. I really loved the elements this book has.

I truly didn’t expect that I would ended up loving this book. The writing was smooth and steady, making the whole story easy to understand. The storyline has a lot of shocking twists, and I didn’t see it all coming. It was nice to be surprised by the story. I truly loved the twists and it finally answered all the questions I had while reading the book.

This book made me question a lot of things, and sometimes it can get a little bit confusing, but I was glad for the answers I got. It truly make a lot of sense how everything come together nicely. The author did an amazing job crafting the story, put some nice twists in it, and revealing all the answers without complicate things even more.

The tone of the story can get a little scary, and to me it was perfect for this time of the year to read this kind of book. The horror elements was totally there, even though it wasn’t huge but at least it was there. I truly appreciate how the author tried to make this story so scary with all the creepy horror elements, and I definitely can see the potential but sadly it doesn’t work most of the times.

The villain of the story was not what I expected it to be. Its motive wasn’t the strongest, so I truly didn’t care much about the villain or even see it as intimidating at all. But what made the villain came into the story in the first place was quite interesting. I can see how conjuring a spell in a weaken state brings out sinister beings and huge chaos to life. The reason behind the villain’s existence in real life put all the pieces together, and it truly help me understand where the error begins and how things went wrong in the very first place. Especially its connection with the main characters.

The main characters are Dax, Addison, and Ambrose. There are other characters aside from them but these three had a lot of time to shine in the story. I truly find them very interesting and mysterious, especially Dax and Ambrose. These two really had me questioning a lot of things. While Addison doesn’t look so mysterious and suspicious like the other two, she also had this unexplainable mysterious air around her character.

Addison is a great, strong and daring character, she can be sassy and also funny. I find her character so easy to like, she’s an overall a nice young woman and would do anything to help those who needed help. She has been tested a lot in this one and had to go through a lot of scary things. But what she experienced was truly horrifying and some are just full of amazement. It was sad to see her so broken after discovering the truth about her life. I’m sure she will be more tougher and stronger in the next book than she was here. What I like the most about her is her bravery, despite having to face all the horrors, she doesn’t get scared so easily.

Dax was the most mysterious character in the story, and he was very quiet most of the times. At first I thought he was either a ghost or a vampire, since what Addison described him as pointed at those two options. But, knowing the truth about what he really is was truly shocking, and suddenly everything made sense, especially when I looked back at the prologue and the chapter where Ambrose was talking about a motorcycle accident. Dax was sweet at times but his disappearing act can get so unbearable. I do understand why he disappeared without a trace most of the times, but I just wished he doesn’t.

Ambrose was truly amazing, and he can be very intimidating at times. He’s not exactly normal as many would’ve thought, and his true nature doesn’t surprise me since the prologue already revealed that. What I find interesting about him is how he can feel human emotions, and how he couldn’t bring it to himself to take away dead souls without feeling sad and sympathizing with the dead. Overall, he was a nice character and is an understanding being.

I loved seeing the siblings bond between Dax and Addison. These two have a pretty great dynamic and seeing Dax looking out for Addison makes me feel happy for him. At least he won’t be alone anymore, although his fate has already been sealed. I seriously need these two again and to see them fight evil beings as brother and sister. I feel sad for what happened to these two, but the ending makes it more better and I’m glad they can still get along very well like they are both belong in the same world even though they aren’t.

Ambrose and Addison’s romance was small, it was shown only in the ending. I’m not complaining at all, but I hope to see more of their relationship in the sequel. Their connection was instant, and I loved how Ambrose helped Addison master her gift, and how Addison spend her time getting to know more about Ambrose. These two has an undeniable attraction and chemistry, and I was glad to see they didn’t just jump straight into a relationship. The build up to their relationship was a bit disappointing because I want to see more of the build up and development before seeing them together romantically. But the ending was truly beautiful seeing these two are happy together despite the differences of their respective lives. And this also brings Ambrose close to Dax and I can’t wait to see these two men have a strong and good friendship.

I really enjoyed reading this book from the very first page until the end. This story ended very nicely and the Christmas celebration was a beautiful way to end it. The story was very captivating and the intense actions make it more interesting and more enjoyable. I was glad to read this one, didn’t regret it one bit. I loved every single thing about this book, and I’m looking forward to read the sequel.


Killian Wolf is a Miami, FL native who enjoys pirates, rum, and skulls as much as she loves writing about dark magick and sorcerers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology and a Master of Science in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy.

Killian writes books about obtaining magickal powers and stepping into other dimensions. She lives in England with her husband, a tornado of a cat, and the most timid snake you’d ever meet.

When she isn’t writing, you might find her at an Archaeological dig, rock climbing, or sipping on dark spiced rum while working on a painting.



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