All quotes are from THE VINE WITCH by Luanne G. Smith.

1. Milk and blood together are a bad omen.

2. Marriage is always a compromise.

3. Only a life for a life would satisfy the constant yearning in her heart.

4. The heart had a tendency to Harden off after being forced to survive inside a life two sizes too small, deprived of the oxygen of dreams.

5. He’d escaped to the country, where a man could walk among the dormant vines in solitude and give his dreams a chance to breathe in the open air.

6. Sometimes there is more to making wine than what we can see and measure and taste.

7. For humans, old age stole their hearing, their sight, or their mind. But when Nature was unkind, witches lost their intuition.

8. Every grower knows that the hope for a good crop begins with humility.

9. I understood what it meant to create something truly magnificent and have the world take notice.

10. The earth had to breathe again to encourage new growth.

11. He can’t stay afraid of the truth forever.

12. Witches that go about cursing each other are the lowest.

13. Men can look through a microscope and see them, track them, but for all the centuries before that, the mysterious process must have seemed like magic.

14. Fairies, elves, gnomes, witches—they’ve all been credited or blamed. What the eye couldn’t see, the imagination filled in. We put names to the unexplained. Cast it as something to either fear or worship. And yet just because a thing can’t be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

15. We use faith to see; in science it’s the microscope. With magic, we don’t yet know how to quantify that range of unseen energy. We lack the proper tool. But not so for the witch.

16. The witches, this magic they do, it’s conceivable, it’s merely a part of the natural world, only we don’t yet have the means to measure how it works.

17. Where there is good, there is also bad. Like cholera or flu. Also unseen, yet dangerous. What if this witchcraft works the same way? There might be benefit, but could there also be something to fear?

18. He could get his bearings and find his way forward in the midst of uncertainty and fear.

19. The place carries its own magic.

20. Not even all witches can see what walks in the shadows.

21. Words carried power, more so for witches.

22. She tipped her face to the evening stars just coming out, mystified at the way the All Knowing sought to bend her life in the one direction she had not thought she’d ever go again.

23. Attraction was it sown powerful potion, able to conjure unsolicited desire out of thin air.

24. Building doubt had created a wall in her mind that she couldn’t get over.

25. The stars said as much. Emboldened by the dark phase of the moon, the constellations twisted round in their infinite sky, slowly corkscrewing into the future, divining immutable futures for those still awake and gazing up.

26. Carnival life had a way of attracting those who’d shrugged off conformity. A place where the odd duck could find its flock.

27. Blood is life, after all. Where and how one directs that energy is what determines its effect.

28. Everyone comes around to shadow magic at one point or another. No harm in appeasing one’s curiosity. After all, without the dark the good would never shine.

29. You could hide the behavior of addiction, but you couldn’t cover up the smell.

30. Right, I’m shit at magic. I’m shit at life. But I’m still a witch.

31. I don’t like people who hurt cats.

32. Fear was no longer a luxury.

33. Hold the candle in front of you and envision the energy of the universe converging around you. Draw it in like breath. Like sustenance. Let the energy build inside you. Fill yourself with light.

34. He didn’t want to die. He wanted to hold her, to tell her love had no real weight or value until he’d met her.

35. He no longer had a care in the world, only a trancelike memory of an exciting and alluring love that made life worth living.

36. The lure of influence, money, and immortality created a pitfall for magical folk. Power craved power, leading some into dangerous alliances.

37. Fashions change, causes change, but men’s ambitions never do.

38. Even the monsters of the world can prove a flashpoint of enlightenment to those stuck in the dark.

39. The world was caught in a riptide of corruption and cruelty. Accusation was all it took to create a cloud of guilt.

40. There is glorious magic to be found in the darkness.

41. There is power in dreams. You know this. But the bad ones attract a different energy than the good or the merely odd.

42. Time had finally come to collect the death it had been cheated for.

43. Love magic, she was learning, could be a powerful curative.

44. Revenge had been the sweet fruit she’d crave din her sleep, poison the elixir to deliver the dream.

45. Murder was no longer the salve she’d once sought for her injury.

46. Intuition knows the truth when heard, but the sound can leave a terrible ringing in the ears.

47. The art of poison might run in your blood, but never doubt you were meant to be a vine witch.

48. Time apart might help you see the truth.

49. It was enough to know that other would existed and that she was watching over it.

50. He may not have asked to partner with witches when he bought the vineyards at Château Renard, but like the scientist with his microscope, he’d discovered there was so much more to the world around him than what his eye alone could see. And more chambers of his heart than he’d ever known existed before he’d met this cat-eyed woman with her charms and spells and bewitching magic.

51. Wine, after all, was a living, breathing thing. Each wine its own entity, each vintage as unique as the heart and mind of the witch who crafted it.

see you soon

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