The tempest sea

Series: WORLD APART #2
Publication Date: JUNE 26, 2019
Rating: 4/5


A rescue mission turns into a fight against a force more powerful than they could have imagined.

With the amulet still stuck around her neck, Addie must outwit her powerful captors who will do anything to get to the power held within the ancient artifact. If they find out she doesn’t know how to use it, she’s dead.

Meanwhile, Clark and a ragtag team of Addie’s friends dive into a strange and dangerous world as they pursue those who took her. High-tech pirates, ruthless societies, and terrible secrets bombard them on their journey.

As they discover more about their world and about each other, friendships are tested and trust is strained. Can they do what must be done without breaking the bonds that held them together for so long?My reviewIn this book, there was a lot of things happening. And I don’t know how to start my review, honestly!

Adelaide and Clark’s journey continue in this one. The ending of the first book got me so frustrated, but this one managed to make me go full-on stress mode. The adventure in this one was too dangerous and far crazier than the one in the first book. More secrets, more shocking twists, but even more backstories from some of the other characters.

The first part was truly hard for me, I couldn’t stomach witnessing what happened to Addie. Her journey in this one was too traumatizing, and she suffered a PTSD. Trying to piece herself back together was hard, and she was nearly broken. But, she was slowly getting better. I liked how much effort she put in her training, shows just how much she really want to be better at fighting. Sometimes, I was a bit irritated by how she acted. I loved the little character development she get in this book, but I hope she’ll be an even better character in the next book.

On the other hand, Clark gets the best character development. I adored him so much. Some people might hate him for being too pushy toward Addie, but I get where he came from. I know that Addie needed all the space she can get to be alone after what she had suffered, but it was better if she asked for help. I understood her, but I also understood why Clark insisted on training and helping Addie, even when she didn’t ask for it. Clark just want her to overcome her fear, to fight her trauma instead of letting it controls her. Clark was great as usual, he was so caring, so understanding sometimes, but most importantly, he kept his duty to protect his brothers and Addie.

All the characters in this story suffered a big tragedy in their lives. I’m glad that this time around, Nell and Xavier gets their own time to not just shine, but to tell their own stories through their flashbacks.

Getting to know Nell more and learn about what her life was like back in Levelia was quite interesting. At least that was the only time readers will get to experience Levelia—through Nell’s backstory. Finding out who she really is was very surprising, I didn’t expect that reveal at all. But I was curious about her new role, how is she going to handle her new duty now, and will she ever make the right decision? I was annoyed that she always meddled in Addie’s life. I wished she just mind her own business instead of causing more chaos.

Getting to know Xavier more was pretty much interesting. I get to see and know more of the man who always acted like a leader to his two brothers. His own POVs showed why he did what he did, although I was mad at him in the first place because of what he put Addie’s through. But later on, he redeemed himself and learn from his mistakes. I was glad that he realized he was in the wrong. After all, he wasn’t a bad guy, just a good guy making the wrong call.

There are some new characters, mostly the Levelians, especially Nell’s relative. I was happy for her because she get to reunite with one of her family member. The Levelians are tough people, and they’re so different from the others. I was ready to see Levelia in this book, but sadly that didn’t happen. So, I’m hoping the third book will continue this adventure in Levelia. Truthfully, the Levelians surprised me a lot. Their rules and customs are different than the others, and they can be very intimidating sometimes.

This book also made me learn more about the advanced Levelian technology, which give the readers more insight on the teleportation device that Nell usually used. I finally understood what made Levelia seem like a place of myth, and why the necklace was so important to the story. Learning everything about Levelia only upped my excitement to see the actual place. I hope it’ll live up to expectation.

The story has some intense actions, and there was a lot of chaos left and right. And the Court of Yomi get to play a big role in this one. If the story didn’t namedrop Spectrum, I would’ve thought that the Court of Yomi is the most dangerous. Well, I want to see how dangerous and fearsome Spectrum is and what makes it so powerful that many fears them. And also, I wanted to see Nell’s uncle that she always mentioned in this one, and what’s his role in all of this.

Other than that, Addie and Clark’s relationship was going a bit smoothly. I was happy seeing the progress of their relationship and what happened to them here. But what I don’t like was the fact that they keep secrets instead of being honest. Not just that, other characters did the same too. Like, are none of these characters learn what are the consequences of keeping secrets?

The whole time, I just want Addie and Clark to have a good time together, but seeing how they always put themselves in dangerous situations, it was hard. Their relationship was mostly on the rocky path, and there was an uncertainty about the whole “feelings” thing. I was a irritated by how they both handle their feelings for each other, I just want them to be so clear about it and stop hiding it. After the ending, their relationship will be tested even more in the next book, and I’m so not ready for the angst. My heart hurts for them.

The story ended in a cliffhanger, and the epilogue made me think about the man that Nell’s cousin speak to. I knew the identity of the man, and I hope my guess is correct. The whole story was quite interesting and enjoyable. I loved the new characters this story introduced to its readers, and all the new informations the readers can get from the story. Overall, it was so intense and the epic yet dangerous adventure was quite a challenge. I’m so nervous but also ready to dive straight into the next book.

see you soon

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