Reapers blood

Publication Date: JANUARY 13, 2020
Rating: 5/5


I died for Hostess cupcakes.
I know. Tragic, right?

Even worse, after I came back I still didn’t get any cupcakes.

What I did get, however, is a six-foot-something reaper with eyes like blue fire to guide me into the world of the supernatural. Which, as it turned out, wasn’t quite like the fairytales little girls are told growing up.

Not only is magic real, more importantly, so are monsters.
And apparently, I’m one of them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

You see, four years ago I left my hometown and swore to never come back.

Now my brother is dead and I have no choice but to go searching for answers. Except finding them isn’t easy when the secret society he belonged to is covering it up.

I gotta find out who killed him while watching my own back, because if I’m not careful I might be next—and this time, there’s no do over. Luckily for me, Mr. Single and Hot as F*ck is determined to help me keep my ass alive.

I’m a lucky, lucky girl.
Some days.

This was a fun and hilarious book, and I loved every second of it. This isn’t my usual type of fantasy book, but since there are grimm reapers in it, I decided to give it a read. And oh man how I really enjoyed it. I had a great time laughing out loud reading it.

The storyline was simple and easy to follow. It was basically about Salem who came back to her old hometown to search for her brother’s murderer, and also about her journey of trying to understand the whole supernatural world with the help of a mysterious stranger named Graves that happens to be her brother’s best friend. These two embarks on a journey of finding out who was behind the murder of Salem’s brother.

It was a very well-written story, and also an excellent one. As for the plot, it was so intriguing and full of mystery. The story was very well-plotted too, and there are so many mysteries regarding Salem’s brother’s death, and the werewolf attacks in the book. I feel like there was a connection there, but who was behind it still remain a mystery. As for the murderer, well that was so unexpected and I hope the sequel will reveal more about what happened to Salem’s brother leading up to his death, and what was the murderer’s motive.

Trying to find the answers are what makes this story more enjoyable, and I can’t help but keep going on. I can’t even take a break because the story was very engaging, and I needed to know more about what was happening that made the current situation in the story so chaotic and deadly. I was really eager to find out the truth, and the ending left me with more questions. And I can’t wait for the sequel to reveal more about the murderer’s motive, the truth about the Gamma Rho’s president, the werewolf attacks, and what type of supernatural creature Salem actually is. I hope the sequel will be just as breathtaking as this one.

The characters are so fun and hilarious. They are the type of characters who will always entertain you, and you won’t get bored by them. Graves, Salem, and Tamsin…these three are the only characters that truly make this book alive with so many funny moments, even though the setting of the story are kind of dull and scary.

Graves ever the serious reaper is so charming and a very swoon-worthy hero. I really admired his character. He was not only protective but he was also very helpful. He acted more of a leader and that just makes his character more intimidating than most. Despite how rough he can be, he was also sassy and very sarcastic. He is the type of person who will make others laugh with a very serious facial expression and without even trying to be funny. When he went into a strong and cold protective mode, I swooned. Graves does possessed so many great qualities, and his personality and attitude only makes him more likable. I was wondering if his character will have a little bit of change in the sequel—I mean in a good way. Anyway, I just can’t get enough of him, and I need more of Graves in the next book.

Salem is a very sassy and sarcastic heroine, perfectly fine for this type of story. I can’t blame her for acting so pissy throughout the whole book. If I were in her position, I would’ve done the same thing too. What I want to say is that, Salem is a very relatable person. I can relate to her in so many levels, and I understood why she asked too many questions and demanded answers. What she’d been through in the beginning of the story was tragic and traumatic for her, and yet she still managed to act normal. I admired her for being strong despite how confused she was about what she experienced.

Imagined that you were attacked by a scary creature and got into an accident, then you found out through a mysterious guy that you were actually a supernatural person, and you just learned that supernatural world is real, and then trying to track down your brother’s murderer all in the span of less than 24 hours. I would’ve gone insane and get pissy too because no one ever told me this before. So I truly get why Salem acted the way she did. But I expect her to have a great development in the sequel since she already lived up to her role as a reaper—the first female reaper in a clan full of male reapers. And I hope to see more of her training session with Graves. Salem is full of surprises, and I would like to think that she will be the one to save the supernatural world and the one who will change history. It would be very challenging for her after this since she is the first and only female reaper, and god knows how the reaper clan will treat her. I really liked her character, and her sarcasm always made me laugh so hard. I really needed that.

Tamsin, Dom, and James are the side characters the way I see it. But I wouldn’t be too surprise if the authors somehow upgrade their characters into the main ones. Tamsin is hilarious in a lot of ways, and oh man what a good laugh I had every time she opens her mouth to speak. The council scene had me wheezing, the way she made up her lies and then embarrassed Graves and Salem in front of the council was too funny. She surely knew how to light up a serious situation. I had a glimpse of what abilities she possessed after finding out that she is a succubus. As for Dom and James, well these two are still a mystery to me. Even though Salem said Dom wasn’t the one behind her brother’s death, but I still can’t rule him out yet. I feel like he was hiding something and that he’s not an overall a good guy. I had a right to be suspicious of him after the cemetery scene. And there was James, what a surprise he is. He doesn’t appeared too much in the story, but he has been giving me a very bad vibe. I need to learn more about him and why he did what he did.

There isn’t too much romance in the book, but I was grateful for that one hot scene between Graves and Salem. I knew somehow they will get together, but it takes time since both are still grieving the death of the one person they cared about. Plus, they were too busy with the supernatural stuff that they don’t have much time for romance. They are so compatible together, and I loved seeing how closer they get the more they spend their time together. Their banter was hilarious, hence the reason why both of them are perfect together. Graves and Salem does have similar attitude and personality; both are sarcastic, stubborn, sometimes cold and sometimes sweet, easily annoyed, so determined, smart and obviously are great detectives. If they were to be in a relationship together, I hope it will have a nice progress and better development so that their relationship will look more realistic and making a lot of sense.

This book was very interesting, perfect for fans who loves reading supernatural urban fantasy stories full of fun banters and hilarious moments. I hope to see more great actions and maybe some magic too, and also to learn more about the council roles in the next book. This book was filled with a lot of fun things and amazing adventure that will make you want to be a part of it. I need more of Graves and Salem, and obviously Tamsin and her antics.

see you soon

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