Stone hearts

Publication Date: JANUARY 16, 2020
Rating: 5/5


A new friends-to-lovers small-town romance from Amber Kelly…

When I returned to Poplar Falls six years ago, I’d given up on love.

I’d made the mistake of marrying the sexy rebel right out of high school. He’d ended up in jail, I’d ended up pregnant. With a baby on the way, I decided to give up my wild, impulsive ways. All I wanted was a family and to watch my sweet son grow up, happy, and healthy.

Then Myer Wilson keeps showing up in my life—and my son’s life.

He’s the hometown football hero, who blew out his ankle his junior year and ended his career. I didn’t look twice at hot jocks in high school. But now that he’s taken over his family’s ranch, I can’t help but look even when I swore off men for good.

But maybe he’ll finally be the one to help me let go of the past and find my second chance at love. Or maybe my past will come back to haunt me.

This is my first Amber Kelly book, and I loved her work. Stone Hearts is one of the most beautiful and wonderful heartwarming romance. This small-town contemporary romance is everything, and every romance fans should read it.

What I liked the most about this book is that, it doesn’t have drama, no love triangle, and no cheating. This is why this book is so perfect and is the best in a lot of ways. Also, I loved the storyline and the characters in it. This book has a large cast of characters, and everyone are so likable. It is very rare to find a good romance story like this one. I’m glad that I pick this book and give it a try, and ended up loving it. I devoured it from the very first page until the last. It really worth the read.

Stone Hearts is about Dallas and Myer, this book is their story. In this book I get to learn about them and get to know them much better. Their stories are beautifully-written, and I loved seeing how these two slowly fall in love with one another. At some point, I did wish the author would include a little flashback scenes from their past so that readers will get to know their past version and see how they grew to be the person they are in the present day. But I do feel grateful that the author chose to tell a little bit about their past through the dialogues—as in through their conversation. That was great, as long as there was a mention about their past and what they did back in the days, and how they become who they are in the present day.

Dallas and Myer are both great characters with so many good qualities. Both of them have strong personalities, and that makes them the perfect match. I enjoyed seeing the progress of their relationship; from friends to lovers. It was a slow-burn process, and no angst, so that was totally exactly what I like. I didn’t know this book have my most favorite trope, and I really didn’t expect it at all. But I’m happy it went so well with Dallas and Myer. It was obvious there’s an attraction between them, and Dallas was too afraid to acknowledge it after the mistake she made in the past—which is understandable. And as for Myer, he doesn’t ignore it but rather welcome it with open arms.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding which is normal in a relationship, but I like how the author doesn’t drag it like in most books, and instead the author cut the misunderstanding short. Everyone knows communication is a key, and I like that Dallas and Myer decided to do just that in order to put an end to the misunderstanding. It wasn’t a big deal which was a relief, because I don’t think I can handle a drama in an already beautiful story.

The book showed the beauty of Dallas and Myer’s story, and it also showed their wonderful romance, and how their relationship only gets better as the story goes on. Not every men wanted to be in a relationship with a woman like Dallas after knowing she has a son, but Myer is a different kind of man. He was ready to raise Dallas’s son, Beau, as his own. I’m so happy for Dallas, at least she finally found a man who truly loved her, and cared for her and her son, and who always helped her and be there for her during her highs and lows. The amount of times Myer always hangs out with Dallas and Beau was a lot, and those moments they spend together was so precious. He does have a good relationship with Beau. And as for Beau, he was also happy to know his sweet mother found her happily ever after with a kind man.

There are so many things that I loved about this book. From Myer and Dallas’ romance, to Myer and Dallas’ friendship with the men and women in their lives. Myer and his cowboy friends, and Dallas and her women squad. This is also another reason why this book is one of my most favorite book. The good relationship that the men and women had together was wonderful. The way they help each other and work together to build something makes me melt. The hardworking men and the strong women who also work as hard as the men are all amazing. This book really do have a huge cast of great characters. Never a dull moment when everyone is around.

The story also has a little bit of suspense/mystery element, which is the stalking part. I find it really creepy actually, and I had no idea who did the stalking. All of my guesses are wrong, and it shocked me to know who the stalker was. This little mystery thing only made me so intrigued in finding out about the stalker, and made me a bit nervous about the safety of Myer, Dallas, and Beau. I was happy things aren’t as dangerous as it seem, but it was still creepy.

The beautiful and perfect ending wraps up Myer and Dallas story in a good way. I loved the ending, it was truly unexpected, and everything went so well for them. I was so happy that they finally get the ending they deserved. Their story was so wholesome, and I definitely need to re-read it soon, because I already miss these two so much. I just can’t get enough of Myer and Dallas. Their story does have a nice ending that I was happy with, and I’m glad it ended the way it did. I was so content with their romance that it was sad to see their story ended here. I’m sure they’ll make some appearances in the next book—as side characters maybe—and still I would’ve been grateful to see them again.

If you love a beautiful small-town romance featuring a hardworking hero who is so determined to win the heart of a woman he love, and a lovely heroine who isn’t afraid to take another chance at love, and a large group of amazing men and women who supports them all the way through, then you’ll love this one. This is the type of romance that will warm your heart, and one that you won’t be able to forget. This is an overall a smooth and nice story of how two friends are slowly falling in love with each other and isn’t afraid to take a chance. I highly recommend this book.

see you soon

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