All quotes are from THE SHRIKE & THE SHADOWS by Chantal Gadoury, A.M. Wright.

1. I can see the lies and the liars. Too long have you been blinded by the deceit of your own people—too long.

2. The first embers to alight in a fire are the most desperate.

3. A fearsome trial, my love. Your fate is bound to a great and daunting endeavor.

4. If his word was law, then she would soon face the cruelest form of punishment.

5. Nightmares are just monsters hiding in our heads. They are only as powerful as we make them.

6. We must remember to keep our eyes wide open. To see the good and beauty of the world. If we stay by each other, we can do anything. Face any fear. Even the woods.

7. Stories were better told when one was warm and comfy under covers at home.

8. Do you know why we live away from the village? Because they are contagious. Everything they feel, we can catch. And sometimes it is a very ugly thing to be a part of something like that.

9. They had been so good at keeping their true feelings deep in their hearts, and they were paying for the consequences of their actions.

10. It was as though she were in a dream. Everything was still and calm, and almost perfect.

11. There is one thing being banished into the woods should teach me, it is to never trust you again.

12. What compelled a person to find the courage to do something so dangerous? And without knowing either of them, too.

13. We bury the dead so that their souls may find solace in leaving their bodies behind.

14. What it would be like to love someone so much that a piece of themselves was lost when the other died.

15. He seemed to hold an endless amount of sadness; enough almost to fill the world.

16. There were scarier things within that were still unseen.

17. Kill the thing that stalks you. Or it will kill you first.

18. Death was everywhere his mind wandered. He could not keep their phantoms at bay.

19. The dream had been in part a memory, as most were, and it had changed itself into something strange and false.

20. If her bravery had won them anything, it was their lives.

21. She had to remind herself that the beauty was not real. there was danger still, and it was waiting for them.

22. This future I hope for depends entirely upon our survival. It feels as though it’s a fool’s errand, but we had—have no choice.

23. I might still be a girl, but I know that darkness. I’ve had to find my way through it, too.

24. Each tear that escaped, fell for all that she had lost.

25. Fear is a powerful thing.

26. Between eternal servitude to the Shrike, and the curse he carried, he was more afraid of losing his humanity than anything else.

27. There’s a beast in all of us.

28. He did not like the forest. He knew there were reasons to stay away, like the dangers of wild animals or losing the path and getting  lost.

29. Ignorance was bliss.

30. He was not a part of a lovely fairytale. He was the beast; the witch’s puppet.

31. It had always been the two of them, small and yet unafraid of what might be lurking in the shadows. Fear had shaken them, but they had held each other’s hands through and through.

32. An unspoken bravery; a knowingness that they had lived when no one else had.

see you soon

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