All quotes are from FROM ASHES TO MAGIC: A Supernatural Beings Anthology Vol.1.

1. Something in the simple act of killing made the world feel fragile.

2. If you count to live forever, you must be willing to make sacrifices.

3. Strength comes in many forms.

4. There is no greater joy than to help someone rediscover life.

5. In all her lifetimes she had seen too many wars to count. No one knew better than her that no matter how peaceful or prosperous the world seemed, a new disaster was always looming around the corner. And still after each time the world fell back into a slumber, believing that war would be the last.

6. You might not believe in destiny, but I came to believe finding him was mine.

7. A true healer is not one who possesses the magic of healing. It’s the one whose soul will always seek those in pain.

8. A stinking tree wasn’t going to tell her when she was about to die.

9. Need chased fear, love sent anger packing, and it was good.

10. Magic has mostly faded from the world today.

11. The present, her friends and family, possibilities. Those were all she needed.

12. I brought no hope or joy, just an existence of suffering.

13. Piece by piece, I allowed my head and the humans that will forever haunt me to tear me apart from the inside.

14. Spirits lingered under the worn bronze arch that separated the universes of the dead and the living.

15. I loved Death and he loved me. All that separated us was fate and immortality.

16. For being such fragile beings, humans were strong.

17. Nothing could escape Time. He didn’t hide under a darkened cloak woven from centuries of stolen pain and happiness. He didn’t slink in the shadows. He didn’t struggle valiantly alongside his wards. He made his presence evident in the faces of humanity and on the surface of the earth.

18. They mourned for their loved ones, but they knew that they would be alright.

19. Once upon a time, I was nothing but a terrible thought.

20. I brought no hope or joy, just an existence of suffering.

21. There could be a happy ending in Death. A strifeless eternity. A previously unattainable peace.

22. I am a god, but there are still things beyond my control.

23. Their victims die in terrible ways, looking forward to the peace that I can offer, only to have to accept that they are never free of their previous tormentors.

24. We are different in many ways, and we’d never find camaraderie in the gods, but we have each other.

25. Some battles are not mine to fight. Nor is it my place to assume that I have the right to intrude and imagine that I hold the cure.

26. We bleed, we feel. We may live forever and never age, but we’re not like the other gods. They don’t bleed, and they don’t love like humans do.

27. Wasn’t it better to embrace your feelings instead of living with the agony of what if?

28. Fire made the entire world glow in yellows and oranges like an artist’s rendition of the underworld.

29. This was supposed to be their refuge from the world and the horrors that inevitably came with it. Watching it burn filled her with a deep sense of betrayal, one that welled up from within and hardened her soul.

30. The change in perspectives introduced her to a new world.

31. She was nothing more than a helpless observer in her own twisted misadventure.

32. The lady closed her eyes and sighed, then listened for a sign to confirm she still was a part of this world.

33. What lies beneath is far more dangerous than their masks would lead you to believe.

34. Every precious drop lost meant being one step closer to death.

35. Her life thread remained intact and she aimed to keep it that way.

36. There were some pleasures people could simply not turn down.

37. One could always rely on a gentleman to do the right thing.

38. Little did I know that things would soon turn my world upside down.

39. We were not savages, but the world made us out to be.

40. If humans want to be barbarians, then that is for them to deal with.

41. Neither dead nor alive, she lived in a constant state of agonizing restlessness.

42. How easy it is to order such an impossible task when it is not your own heart that is shattered.

43. Regret was a harsh friend. One that never, ever left you.

44. Predators did not let themselves die meekly on a stranger’s blade. It whispered to her of a world where misdirected prayers were punished with ruin and ashes.

45. In a world full of magic, it seemed odd that people would be so impressed with this mundane ability.

46. In a land where power determined status, I was weakest of the weak.

47. Magic in my veins or no, I enjoyed learning about it.

48. Magic was just part of life. Everyone had it. It churned through blood and with each new generations, it was part of the legacy passed down from parents to children.

49. Imbuing magic into an object is one thing. Moving it from person to person, well, that’s something completely different.

50. Being mature and responsible with the magics, and as a person, makes you an adult.

51. Distraction could be fatal.

52. I could watch the stars above and mourn all that I had lost on the one night that should have been the best night of my life.

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