The better man

Publication Date: MARCH 26, 2020
Rating: 5/5


Savannah Peters thought she kept her one forbidden lover and their soft touches and midnight whispers entangled in the bed sheets of their past. Their secret relationship tarnished by his lies and betrayal.

The basketball star was toxic, and Savannah was…in love.

A dangerous, disappointing combination she had to escape.

Years after Savannah walked away, he returns, pleading for one more chance.

A chance she questions—especially when she sits under beautiful constellations with a man who gives her what her ex couldn’t.


After the stars burn out, Savannah will learn that one man is a painful lesson, and the other might just be the one…

But who will be the better man?

What a magnificent story this one is. I didn’t know how to describe or even write a review for this one. I’m trying my best here!

*I’m not going to reveal the name of the two men because I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll be addressing them as ‘Man #1,’ and ‘Man #2.’*

There are two men and one woman. One would say that this is a love triangle story, but actually it is NOT a love triangle story…the way I see it, actually. It was already obvious since the beginning who is the better man, but for those who doesn’t know, it would be fun to keep on guessing. The endgame is not like what most would expect.

What I loved the most about this book is that, it didn’t end up with the heroine getting back together with the first man, whom she had the longest history with. In most books, the heroine would surely ended up with the first man, leaving the second man for good. I’m sure lots of people are rooting for the heroine to go back to her ex-lover which is the first man because many love a second chance romance, but this book is not it. Which is why I really loved this book, because the ending is different. I find that really unique.

Aside from that, I also enjoyed the storyline. It was beautiful and all the talks about stars, constellation, and science really drew me in. I’m a big fan of science and I also love talking about anything science-related like moon, stars, galaxy, constellation, and the universe. The fact that this book has it all really made me enjoy it even more than I already did. It was romantically amazing when man #2 always talks about it with the heroine. That is the type of man you should trust and keep.

The plot is quite simple actually but still very intriguing because it was simply about two men going after the same woman, and it was up to the woman which one she will choose as her better man. It was intriguing because both men are making an effort to get the woman, and the readers can keep on choosing and guessing who will the woman choose. Obviously, there’s only one better man. Nothing is complicated, so don’t stress yourself out even though this type of story can be quite stressful.

As for the characters, let’s just say that majority is likable except for man #1. If you were me, you wouldn’t root for the ex-lover aka man #1 for a lot of reasons.

The woman aka Savannah Peters will make you cry your heart out. Her situation was a mess. I ended up feeling bad for her every time she was hurt. Her living situation already made her so stressed out, and then her ex-lover came back to make her life difficult than it already is. She did a lot of thinking in this book, she had to think about her father, her life, her ex-lover, and then man #2. It was a very stressful life for Savannah, but I loved the ending because the happiness she get is what she deserved.

Savannah is very kind, she is a selfless woman who will always be there to help other people. She always put others first before herself which can get very sad later on (which I don’t want to spoil). She’s a cool hardworking woman, and even though her living situation is difficult, she still managed to fly over to another state just to make sure those she cares about is safe and okay. She put a lot of effort in making sure everyone she hold dear is in good condition. Those are the things I like about her the most.

Now moving on to the things about her that irritates me. Savannah is not only kind, but she also have a soft heart. That is a good thing, but honestly, if she already knew what type of person her ex-lover is, she shouldn’t have believe whatever that came out of his mouth and soften toward him. He was her first heartbreak, the man who always used her and then hurt her. I liked that at first she was ignoring his texts and calls. But then, she answered it by accident and started to care about him all over again as if whatever he did to her doesn’t hurt her.

I was annoyed when she was still hoping he would love her even though she started to have feelings for man #2. Why would you hope for such thing? Her ex-lover already said many times that he doesn’t love her, and what did she do? She still hope he would love her and did everything that she can to help him get better. If I were her, I would ignore him, block him, and forget him permanently. After all the effort she put to make sure her ex-lover doesn’t go back to his drinking habit, she would think he already change. Does he? The answer is easy, he doesn’t. He betrayed her trust and break his promises. That type of man is a waste of time. I just hated how Savannah blindly believe his words due to the small part of her still love him. That’s the only thing about Savannah that irritates me.

Man #1 aka the ex-lover, his role is small but not too small. He is the most unlikable character in this book. I thought he was already at his worst, but he became a lot worser as the story goes on which wasn’t surprising actually. He has a drinking problem so that was why he gotten worse. He can’t even function properly without alcohol on his hand which is so disgusting. I never root for him or even see him getting better. After he put the alcohol in the coffee that Savannah made for him, behind her back…I knew there is nothing and no one that can help him get better. He is one hell of a pretty liar, and I gladly admit that I never trust him since the beginning. He is a toxic and problematic person, and even his dynamic with Savannah is unhealthy. Savannah deserve better than him which she really did at the end.

Man #2 is so swoon-worthy. I loved him so much. He’s so kind, so selfless and a pretty cool person. He is just like Savannah, always put others first before himself. Whenever his colleague needed him, he will be there in a heartbeat. Whenever Savannah needed him, he will always be there for her. Whenever his sister has a problem and needed his support, he was ready to fly back home to make sure she’s fine. This man, he is THE ONE. No one can deny the fact that he’s much better than man #1.

Man #2 is a gem. He has a very nice attitude, and strong personality which makes him the unique one. I loved how he was so tough despite how hard his life is. He’s a very hardworking person and he deserves so much success. When he thought he wasn’t interesting because his ex once told him that he was boring, I nearly cried. How can someone be so mean? Man #2 is very interesting and I loved how Savannah always told him that she really enjoyed hanging out with him. That makes my heart melt. After reading this book, I agreed that man #2 is the real hero of the story.

The romance between man #2 and Savannah is far more realistic than whatever type of relationship she once had with man #1. Man #1 was her past, and man #2 is her present and also her future. Savannah and man #2 faced a lot of challenges in the story. It was the type of challenge that will break your heart, especially the final few chapters when the story had me crying and thinking the story won’t have a happy ending. I was fooled, and that was a good writing on the author’s part for keeping the suspense.

I loved the progress of the relationship between Savannah and man #2, first they were just two people who shared the same goddaughter, after that they become closer as friends, and lastly they took a chance to become lovers. Both were pretty anxious at first because both got hurt by their previous partners before so it was understandable why they were both very cautious when it comes to a relationship. I admired them for taking another chance at love and isn’t afraid of falling in love, it was very brave of them. Their process of falling in love was smooth and steady, and the development was going so well too. Their romance wasn’t just super steamy and hot, but it was also sweet and beautiful.

I really enjoyed seeing them just having a casual conversation and talking about the universe. Both of them really had a good understanding of science and that just screams INTELLECTUAL. These two are both hero and heroine with smart brains. They do belong together. The effort they put in their relationship and seeing how committed they both were, it just shows that they really love each other. I’m so happy that they find each other.

The story was full of sweet and steamy romantic moments. It was also full of amazing surprises, emotional moments, some frustrating parts, and a suspenseful bit. This is a journey of two people who fall in love with each other after so many tough life challenges and failed relationships, and how they overcome their fears and made peace with their past so that they can move toward a better future. It was a very beautiful story and yet so emotional. This is one of the best 2020 romance story, and I hope a lot of people will love it.

see you soon

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