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Publication Date: MAY 7, 2020
Rating: 5/5


I am nothing.


I’d rather be invisible than deal with what happens on the days my classmates decide to acknowledge my existence.

But then Turner Hall shows up—all cool confidence and witty banter—and all of a sudden I don’t want to be invisible any more. I want to be seen.

I want him to see me.

I’m not who he thinks I am but I’m starting to suspect he’s not all he says he is either.

Just my luck that he starts to make friends with my tormentors. How a I supposed to tell him who I really am? How am I supposed to show him my true face? What if the boy I’m falling in love with decides I’m nothing too?

The book I’ve been waiting for!

This is my most anticipated read and let’s just say that as expected, it was an excellent story. When I first read the preview of this book in the Bully Me Anthology, I knew that I need to read this book. So, I’ve waited weeks and when I got the ARC, I immediately read it without wasting any time. I devoured this book in one day and there’s no regret.

This story isn’t like those typical bully romances where the hero bully the heroine, and they slowly fall in love. This is different and very unique, in my opinion. The hero here doesn’t bully the heroine, but instead he was helping her when she was bullied. It was sweet to finally see a hero who stand up for the heroine instead of joining her bullies and participating in taunting her. Bully romance like this is hard to find, I’m glad that Kaydence went for this direction instead of going for the typical direction that most authors go for.

Any bully romances always made me cry and hurt my heart. Mainly, it was due to the fact that the heroine was bullied and she felt powerless to fight back. I knew that feeling really well. The whole time reading this book, I cried for Mena. It pained me seeing how she was treated at her school. The part that really broke my heart deeply was seeing how her tormentors gone to an extreme measure to taunt her. That was the moment that made me really want to go inside the book and beat up her bullies. The whole time I was reading the book, I was about to throw hands at her bullies for what they did to Mena. The awful things they said to her and the horrible things they did to her was unforgivable. They aren’t humans in my eyes. This book has been testing my patience since the beginning.

The story was incredible in so many ways, and the plot was very engaging. What I didn’t see coming was the twist about Turner’s actual intention—on why he befriend Mena’s tormentors. Learning the whole truth was quite shocking because I didn’t expect that at all. I’ve been wondering what was Turner doing with Jenny, and what secret did he kept from Mena. Turner is a great guy but he acted a bit shady in some parts, and that made me doubt him and whether his kindness is real or not. After he told the truth about what happened to his family, I knew he wasn’t bad. I feel guilty for doubting him in the first place. Still, I didn’t expect Kaydence would put a twist and some surprises in the plot. It was brilliant that she did it which made me really enjoyed this book more than I already did. The story has a very important plot that no one would expect at all because there is more to it than just being a bully romance story.

Now, let’s move on to talk about the characters…

Mena is actually a very strong female character despite her being bullied at school nearly everyday. What I liked the most was that, she doesn’t break even after how many time she was bullied, especially when she was wearing makeup because makeup is her passion, and her tormentors made fun of her for it. The situation hit close to home, been there and it sucks a lot. I’m glad she didn’t stop doing makeup just because people told her to. She’s the only character I can connect with the most since what she had to go through is very relatable. I feel really bad for Mena, for everything she endured. But I was really happy that she fought back and stood taller. She deserved a lot better and I was happy for the ending because what happened in the end is exactly what Mena needed—a new beginning.

As for Turner, he is an overall a great guy. He’s kind, has a good heart, and is basically Mena’s savior. Seeing him stood up for her and defended her brought tears to my eyes. I just didn’t expect him to do that at all, but at least I knew he wasn’t a bully like the rest. He does have his own problem and it was not like what I imagined at all. He’s so sweet and very caring. I loved that he is different from most guys in bully romances because majority of the guys in bully romances are the bullies. Turner has his own charm, but oh my…he’s a pure perfection. He’s like one of those most swoon-worthy guy. In a world full of bad people, be a Turner. Honestly speaking, where can I get myself a Turner Hall? He is obviously the best book boyfriend out of all my favorite book boyfriends so far…

The romance between Mena and Turner is beautiful. They have instant connection when they first met, and their chemistry was off the charts. I liked how at first, Mena was keeping her identity a secret from Turner, and for a good reason too. And then Turner went to the school library to find Mena’s picture in the school’s yearbook. He really is a smart guy, he knew where to look for. These two are both smart individuals, and I liked knowing that the author paired them up. The more I get to know both of them, the more I can see some similarities in their characters. Both are a bit shy, quite nervous when it comes to knowing one another, and tough when it comes to fighting back the school bullies. These two is very compatible together in a lot of ways.

They did went through a rocky path in the story, but I liked that Turner was being honest to Mena and told her everything about his problem and why he befriend her tormentors even though he hated them. I liked that he didn’t keep anything from her after he knew how much hell she had to go through. Also, as much as Mena was stubborn, I also liked how she stay and listen to whatever Turner told her. She deserved the truth and I was glad she didn’t judge him. What melts my heart the most was when Turner took care of Mena after she was tortured, and he hug her to make sure she was okay. That scene was too emotional and yet sweet. He’d seen everything and still stood by her side and refused to let her deal with it all alone by herself.

Their relationship was beautiful despite the ugliness they had to face in their personal lives. After reading this book, I felt like whatever moments Turner and Mena had in this book wasn’t enough. I need to see more of them. Their romance felt short to me, and hopefully they’ll appear in Donna’s book next. Even though they aren’t the main focus anymore, but it’s nice to be able to see these two hanging out with Donna and her crew. I just want to see how their relationship is progressing. I know they would be just fine because they already have their HEA, still won’t hurt asking for more of them.

Bonus: aside from Mena and Turner’s romantic moments, my other favorite moment was when Donna (Mena’s cousin) and her crews rolled up to Mena’s school driving their super expensive cars just to show who is the boss. That really made me feel so giddy. They were so badass considering they are the rich kids from a private school. I really didn’t see it coming, honestly. It was just so bossy and so badass of them to do that, really proved that Mena has people who are loyal to her and really cared for her wellbeing and safety. Also, Drew…this guy is the second best. His friendship with Mena was so endearing to see. I loved how he supported her and was ready to defend her when she needed to. He really is a great person. I’m glad that Mena has a lot of friends at the private school than at her school which is a public school. It really showed where her true friends at. It was the most epic scene in the book. I need to see this amazing crew in the next book, which is Donna’s book.

Another bonus: I loved how Donna, Harlow, and Amaya supported Mena and defended her after knowing she was bullied. I thought they would cut ties with her because they might be embarrassed. I’m glad it didn’t happen because if it did, it would be really sad to see Mena lose everything in her life. These three knew how to plan things out when they were planning to go up against the bullies, and they knew how to execute the said plan perfectly. I’m happy Mena has these three on her back. I can’t wait to see more of these amazing girls in the sequel and to see how Mena is handling with the changes.

Overall, this book is magnificent. The story and everything was solid and nothing is lacking. Mena and Turner’s story will break you, cut you open, but it will also mend you. Their story isn’t all lighthearted, but you’ll be happy with how they’d been dealing with everything in order to get their happy ending. I will never get tired of these two, and will definitely revisit their story again. I knew that this book will be amazing, and I was right about it. Everyone should read this outstanding book, I highly recommend it.

see you soon

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