All quotes are from A FOREIGN CROWN by Jen Geigle Johnson.

1. That is why you shall excel in all the ways of court. Think the best of people.

2. She weaved through hedges and looked up at the night sky. Stars peered through the clouds, and over her shoulder, a partial moon shone, lighting her way.

3. We are who we are. No one is precisely like another.

4. Those of us with strange faults or discomfort in dealing with others might find ample embarrassment.

5. From floor to ceiling, in every open and waiting surface, on rows and rows of shelves, books filled the space with a delicious promise of knowledge.

6. I want to be someone’s most important person.

7. A man’s duty is usually at the foremost of his mind.

8. When I long to follow the burning desires of my heart, to explore the happiness I might feel with another, duty’s call sounds far and quiet next to the pounding in my ears.

9. Missing out on the delicious prospect of a closeness with you simply because something might be helpful no longer seems like a good enough reason to stay away from you.

10. She had wondered then if happiness could exist again. Moments when she could pretend life was normal were cherished times.

11. Happiness during tragic moments could feel traitorous, but such glimpses of life before sadness was needed at times.

12. How could one choice be both correct and in error at the same time?

13. I will always think of you as I feel the ocean air on my face. In my highest tower, I will look out across the expanse of water and wonder if the same air is bringing me a whisper of you.

14. There’s nothing that takes love out of a romance more than someone’s mother becoming involved.

15. He hoped that a life of duty would be satisfying and fulfilling in such a way that happiness would follow.

16. Does one adhere to matters of the heart or head? Does one follow duty or love?

17. Duty is a strong motivator.

18. The sudden goodness in her life would not be shattered almost as soon as it had begun.

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