All quotes are from GOD STORM by Coco Ma.

1. His eyes were twin dark stars, luminous as the brightest constellation yet promising eternal night.

2. Demanding respect is nothing to apologize for.

3. As its master, your magic is your ally. Yield, and it will one day ruin you.

4. The stars refuse to lie. There is mine, and there is yours.

5. There’s always hope.

6. There are darker, worse things  than nightmares.

7. I don’t believe in softening the truth unless there is absolutely nothing left to be done.

8. I am no fool, nor am I ignorant. I am no weapon to be forged by anyone’s hand.

9. Suffocating someone and concealing them at the same time could prove to be quite the handy little trick.

10. While we may have been born royal, we are all human, and thus deserve to be treated with the same level of respect.

11. Your illusions exist to serve your intentions. So command them.

12. Don’t forget that you control the actions of your illusions.

13. Love makes people irrational.

14. Time itself ceased to exist. Actions that should have taken at least a moment, no matter how short, transpired instantaneously and infinitely, all at once.

15. Sometimes, you just tend to overthink simple solutions.

16. The past cannot be undone even by all the regret in the world.

17. A mirage that appeals to the viewer’s desires, takes on traits of whomever they wish to see most.

18. You only see as many people as you want to see.

19. There is, after all, a marked difference between living forever and never dying.

20. Heartache spared no one.

21. Everyone knew broken bones could heal at a spoken word.

22. It is never a mercy to be at another’s mercy. It only means you will suffer longer.

23. There was never a place for mourning on duty.

24. Magic, as it turned out, was a talent.

25. Many were born with very little power, left with no other choice but to accept themselves as they were.

26. Companions come and go.

27. Shadow tends to enhance your most potent affinity in some way or another.

28. I can’t make myself be with someone who won’t let me grow.

29. The only weapon I’ve become is my own.

30. You would have to train hard, but you can’t just work yourself past the brink.

31. You are so much more than a label stamped onto your life by circumstances beyond your control.

32. They kissed like the world was theirs. They kissed like it was falling apart around them. They kissed like they were dying.

33. Showing kindness to some is no excuse for cruelty to others. It is not a trick to be pulled out of a hat as you please, or meant to be doled out like a party favor.

34. He would sacrifice his hollow, mortal heart without the slightest hesitation, even knowing that it would never heal. Especially knowing that it would never heal.

35. We seek what we cannot have.

36. For her, a life was worth anything. Everything had a price, and whatever it was, she was willing to pay.

37. A final stand of self-sacrifice does not exonerate a lifetime of cowering.

38. Jealousy wasn’t worth dying over.

39. Never had a scream so full of rage and grief torn apart from her throat. Never had she hurled her fist into the floor so hard that the crack of shattered bones drowned out her every thought.

40. We are all born with a fear of the dark and the things we cannot see.

41. Like a sword, shadow magic is not inherently good or bad. It is simply magic.

42. Too often we dread what we cannot comprehend and shun that which we do not understand.

43. Magic was supposed to solve everything.

44. Holding lifelong grudges is for the weak, too. Only the strong know how to forgive.

45. Regret is for the weak.

46. Once you’ve made a choice, you know that there’s no going back. Yet all you can find in yourself to do is regret.

47. Ice did nothing to smother the inconceivable inferno, and wind only fanned it.

48. Scars don’t have to be visible to leave their mark.

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