Publication Date: AUGUST 27, 2020
Rating: 5/5


Betrayal, jealousy, and death have always been a part of my future.

I’m the almost Queen. Betrothed to one man, and in love with another. Though there’s no doubt in my mind who I’ll choose. Lancelot has my heart, even if it’ll lead me down the path to the pyre.

No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to save us all from the prophecy which threatens to consume us.

Arthurian legends? Yes, count me in!

This short story was amazing from the start to finish. It was about Gwen and Arthur’s prophecy and how this whole book was basically them trying to stop their prophecy from coming true.

I’m so in love with this story. There was a lot of great things happened in it, like the balls and the fairies. The setting of this story was magical. The storyline and the plot was absolutely enjoyable.

This book focus on the four friends: Arthur, Lancelot, Gwen and Dindrane. But the story is mainly about Lancelot and Gwen while the sequel will focus on Arthur and Dindrane. I may not know the whole story about Arthurian legends because I didn’t read too much of it, but I’ve read a few and even did a little research about it and knew who belonged to who. But I will gladly admit that I love the fact that Gwen and Lancelot are together instead of Gwen and Arthur.

The betrayal was also the main part but it wasn’t like what I thought it would be. If you think Gwen being with Lancelot is the betrayal, then you’re wrong. I was wrong too when I thought it was going to be that, but actually it was a different type of betrayal.

I loved seeing Gwen and Arthur being so determined to break their prophecy. They were prophesied to be the future King and Queen, but since they didn’t feel any romantic feelings toward each other, they didn’t want to force themselves to marry one another. Finding a way to break it was really hard but in the end it was actually easy.

The most shocking thing was finding out that Arthur already knew for quite a long time that Gwen and Lancelot always had a thing for each other hence why he told Lancelot to pursue Gwen and stop thinking about the prophecy. Every students at the Academy had their own prophecy, and some started way too early than the others. This was also the same case that happened to Gwen, Arthur and Lancelot.

I just loved how everything work in the end for Gwen and Lancelot, except for Arthur and Dindrane’s prophecy. Arthur mentioned he had the rarest one compared to many students at the Academy, he had two different prophecies, one ended which automatically started the second one. As for Dindrane, she’s Gwen’s best friend and I don’t know what her prophecy is but I have a theory that it’ll have something to do with Arthur.

Gwen and Lancelot’s relationship is so pure and so beautiful. They’re like a couple who always have good days. It was so heartwarming to see them. Their chemistry was off the charts, and their sweet romance was so good. My favorite part was their picnic date, that one was really sweet. It was so romantic, I didn’t know Lancelot could pull something like that successfully.

Despite the prophecy threatening their lives, they still find their way back to each other because they are meant to be together. Nothing can tear them apart, not even a prophecy that was made by the dark fae. I was just glad that everything work as planned. Gwen the smartest girl and Lancelot the strongest knight, what a perfect pairing.

The ending was predictable but still good, one of the best and beautiful ending in books. I loved how their story ended, but we still have Arthur and Dindrane’s story next. The only two remaining people who still have not yet found a solution to either break or change their prophecy.

Arthur and Dindrane obviously have feelings for each other, their secret kisses proved it. I wonder if their prophecy have something to do with each other, I have a strong feeling it does but I’m not sure. I hope they’ll find a way to have their HEA just like how Lancelot and Gwen found theirs.

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