Publication Date: JANUARY 26, 2021
Rating: 5/5


She needs a hero. He needs a second chance.

Single mom Ginny Weaver needs a hero. Not an average hero. A full-fledge, honest to goodness, super-duper A-list movie star, comic book action hero. And she’ll do anything to get one.

Liam Stone is a washed-up, has-been, former Hollywood superhero—now dubbed “the super zero.” He isn’t what Ginny needs. But Ginny’s six year old daughter is sick and she has one last wish…

So, Ginny and Liam make a deal. Ginny will get a cape-wearing superhero for her daughter and Liam will get his chance at redemption. But deals come with unexpected consequences, like questioning what really makes a hero, or a family, and whether or not love has anything to do with it.

Maybe, just maybe…love makes heroes of us all.

All about superheroes…

I loved this book. The storyline and the different meaning of superheroes are really good. This is one of the most wholesome books I’ve ever read.

A widow, a little girl, and an actor-turned-hermit. What could go wrong? Or should I say, what could go right?

I really liked the premise of this book. Ginny—the widowed woman and a single mother to her sweet little girl, Bean—met with an actor, Liam, who was once playing a superhero in a movie and she trained him so that he could go back to his acting career and she can bring her daughter’s dream to meet with a superhero come true. She and Liam have been spending a lot of time together and become friends but then it become something more than that.

That’s right, this book is a cliché but a good one. As much as I can predict what happened, I still devoured this book from the beginning until the end. Nothing makes me feel bored or lose interest, only slight problem I had with the book are the overbearing grandmother, a rude boy who verbally bullied others, and a jealous ex.

Luckily there wasn’t too much drama in the story, only one family secret that was quite shocking but it died down real quick. That was the only part I didn’t see coming because that was really unexpected.

Aside from all of that stuff, this book also deals with grief, loss of a loved one, and it also touched on the subject of leukemia. As much as this book gave the readers a lot of wholesome contents, it also showed the saddest and emotional part which made my heart weep.

I liked how the steamy scenes aren’t too steamy like in many other romances. It works just fine for this book since the focus is not too much on the sex but more to the connection that Ginny and Liam shared, the build up to their romance, and the development of their relationship. I liked seeing all of the progress.

Ginny despite being a widow and a single mother is one hell of a strong woman. She had a lot to think in her mind especially how to make her daughter happy. She’s an excellent, loving, and caring mother who worked hard to make sure she and her daughter live a happy life. I was sad and angry at how her mother-in-law and her late husband’s ex-girlfriend treated her. They kept on badmouthing her while she never did anything to make them mad at all.

I sympathize with her and seeing she had to go through all of that was really frustrating. I’m glad that she was written as a strong woman who won’t easily back down, and who can always fight back to defend herself while having a high level of patience. Once she put her mind to something, she won’t give up until she reach her goal. That’s the thing I liked about her the most.

Liam on the other hand is the total opposite. Where Ginny works hard to achieve what she wants, Liam just surrender and give up on trying. I do understand him. Just imagine that you’ve been doing superhero acting in films for the majority of your life, then suddenly an accident happened to you and you can’t go back to being a superhero on the big screen again…that must have been hard to deal with. I can see why he just stop trying altogether.

I wonder if this is how most famous and top Hollywood acting stars feel. There are many of them who played a superhero character on the big screen, but what happen once their film franchise coming to an end and nobody wants to hire them again for many reasons (be it because of a freak accident or not). How are they feeling that people only cares about them for their superhero role they are playing and it’s hard to keep their name on the top again once they retired from playing the said role since playing a superhero is how they make their name?

It was really scary how realistic it was to see what Liam was going through in this book if you really think about it, and reading his POV and seeing things from his perspective made me see things clearly. The feelings he described was real to me, and what he’d been thinking in his head regarding his career made me see how real it was and that it might have already happened in real life.

I liked how Liam literally become a real life superhero. All those training and workout he did during his acting career and the one Ginny made him do really paid off. He had to channel his inner superhero in order to save Ginny, Bean and Finick in that one scene. But also, that scene portrayed his trauma accurately. He was still traumatize from his freak accident but gather enough courage to save three lives that depended on him. He really is a superhero.

The romance between Liam and Ginny was sweet but also there was a lot of “what if.” He’d been thinking what if he get too attached, would he be able to leave Ginny and Bean behind once he started to going back to Hollywood? And she’d been thinking what if he’s leaving town for good for his career, is it possible to still have a second chance at happily ever after and doing it long distance?

There was too much uncertainty hence why they are both afraid to explore the romance that are blossoming between them. I get where they came from but obviously it doesn’t hurt to try and I’ve been reading too much romances in the past two years to know that this story will always end with a happily ever after ending.

Liam and Ginny’s relationship went from strangers to friends to lovers. I liked how it slowly develop into something more. They are both hardworking individuals, both are trying to make each other feel what happiness feels like, and even though both of them are a bit stubborn when it comes to feelings, they still had to acknowledge those feelings instead of ignoring it. They really have one of the most beautiful and healthiest relationships in a romance book, and I fully support it.

I loved the ending, it was simply beautiful. This book is very simple and the storyline was easy to follow. It was a quick read and definitely had one of the best quality story for a romance book. This book taught me what it actually feels like to be a superhero. If you are looking for a simple romance story to read, pick up this book. The story doesn’t have too many complications in it. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to both romance and non-romance lovers.


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