All quotes are from UNWRITTEN by Alicia J. Novo.

1. No matter how often she scanned the shelves, new stories appeared when the need arose.

2. The voices of old books had a mellowness that crispy new ones could never imitate.

3. They’d become the soundtrack of her life, those old stories, her elevator music, offering advice, wise quotes, the odd joke, and on rare occasions, a warning.

4. Anger can fuel courage if you wield it.

5. There was a reason some words were forbidden.

6. Nobody changed the world by being like everyone else.

7. Magical didn’t always mean good.

8. Taelimns are a miracle. Taelimns are a mystery. We’re the ones who teach humankind how to live. How to see through eyes not their own and learn from fates so foreign they touch their souls. We’re the truth of what’s told, and sung, and remembered. Some call us storyfolk, or papersouls, the inked, or the carved. We’re born of the word and are the stuff of legend, of fairy tales and adventures, of stories laced with love and horror. We are none other than the Written.

9. Didn’t you ever wonder why stories have such a hold on you? Why you miss the people in them after the last page? Did you ask yourself why some books feel so close? Why you mourn and cry and laugh as if what happened in them were real? More real than the rest of life itself? It’s because it is.

10. Disappointment worked that way. A bit like fire. Tended to make one too wary to risk believing.

11. There is no path. You make your way as you walk…

12. Wasn’t that every reader’s dream? To leave their own reality behind and become part of the story world instead?

13. Nothing worth anything comes without a cost.

14. You can always change a story. You may decide to intervene. To make things better or worse. Every action has a cost, and it is yours to pay.

15. She had too many secrets for truth to be her guiding force.

16. How could she choose one story when they all meant so much?

17. What you take, you keep.

18. The truth hurts less than the avoidance of it.

19. Wherever people lived, there were stories.

20. Wasting more time accomplished nothing.

21. Books were at times comforting, often exciting, always full of wonder. Filled with people one wished to meet. With adventures to partake in.

22. I can’t wait to live through the story and learn everything about my world.

23. This was what one would expect of the world of stories. A library to please the most exacting of readers. To delight the most romantic of book lovers.

24. A sealed land is a doomed world.

25. Sometimes breaking with tradition can cost you your life.

26. Here they were. The breathing, living characters she loved. Friends she’d shared adventures and sorrows with. She’d felt closer to them than family, known them so well she could recite their words by heart. And yet, in real life, they were strangers.

27. Readers become part of stories themselves. Everything is connected, and without readers to inspire, stories would lose all meaning.

28. Intricate characters are the most amusing.

29. Immortality has a way of dampening enthusiasm.

30. There’s ‘magic’ everywhere. Even your Earth is full of it. Magic forces move the universe, from gravity to relativity, from rhythm to the true names to the mirror law.

31. This is the world of stories. There are no coincidences.

32. My visions guide me wherever I’m needed. Sometimes to prevent a bad ending, sometimes without obvious reasons.

33. Look to see truth where others won’t.

34. What’s denied holds power, and you wield it all.

35. The stars hide the secrets to open the sky.

36. ‘Home’ doesn’t have to be where you were born. You can create yours wherever you choose.

37. Some people are more different than others, and everyone else notices.

38. Stories could both change and save a life.

39. In the whole land of stories there weren’t a life that compared.

40. Is this what the world of stories is like? A hateful tyranny? Does truth not matter at all?

41. Dark thoughts are scarier when spoken aloud.

42. She knew what losing someone felt like. The hole with their shape that would forever stay vacant. How missing became a part of everything.

43. Death is rarely fair.

44. Maybe no one could cry forever, no matter how deep the horror.

45. This wasn’t novel, where things would turn out well in the end no matter what. This was life. Unfair, unpredictable, and heartbreaking. And nothing felt guaranteed.

46. Our fears feed our curses.

47. When ignorant people feel threatened, they act badly.

48. The best we can do is live our way. It denies everyone else power over us.

49. Her heart leapt and dared to dream, because in a story anything was possible.

50. She saw herself, a speck staring at the whole galaxy, and at the same time powerful, the atom that precipitates the reaction to create the stars themselves.

51. All stories are connected.

52. Stories inspire readers. Readers become writers.

53. One has to do evil to be evil.

54. Love twisted her own memories and tugged at her soul.

55. Our actions are still ours. We have more control than we realize.

56. Truth remained forever fogged, almost in reach but never in hand.

57. Saying and doing are two different things.

58. Do you want to belong? Do you want to be like everyone else? Is that even possible for you?

59. There’s no belonging. There is only creating your own world and inviting others in.

60. You gave me back the hope that I can do it. You’re my courage to try.

61. The sounds and scents of a world that was flawed but striving. Full of conflict and wonder and danger. A place that felt too much and fought too much and erupted in drama and flames on the regular. She might be leaving, but this world was hers.

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