All quotes are from A HARE IN THE WILDERNESS by S.E. Turner.

1. Appearances can be deceptive, and words can have hidden agendas.

2. That’s what shock does to you; it renders you speechless and stops the pain.

3. It’s very bad manners to stare.

4. The spirits make life hard at times. Everything is sent to test our resolve.

5. Both of us are continually reminded of a dreadful past, where we have lost a part of us and we are trying to find our way again.

6. Everyone is perfect in their own way. That perfection is what you perceive it to be.

7. Animals need to be reassured and shown there is nothing to fear.

8. There is always something worth celebrating in clan life.

9. If you treat others how you would wish to be treated, then kindness will be repaid two fold.

10. Everything in nature is an illusion to outwit and outmanoeuvre.

11. Look to the skies to see where the eagles are hunting, smell the change in the air and feel the pace in the breeze that brings the storm. Watch the habits of animals for they are more in tune with nature than any man; and observe the weather at all times, for the skies rule everything.

12. You don’t have to be big to be powerful.

13. The dark concealed many secrets, some were so grotesque that they would only play out silently in one’s owns thoughts. Sometimes they became real and turned into folklore and fables to tell over a campfire by men high on liquor. For if left alone, they would surely grow into something more terrifying.

14. Sometimes ignorance is the best policy.

15. Perfection is a state of mind how we perceive things.

16. I like animals. I find them calming and beautiful. I like the power they have to see anything and hear everything. They give so much and yet receive so little in return.

17. Be sure to take care of that which is unseen, for that is the true meaning of life.

18. I have grown to love you where love has no boundaries. My love has no constraints. This love is limitless.

19. It makes me wonder if people like us are given another sense, a special ability from a greater force to make up for our affliction.

20. Digging up the past would have served no purpose.

21. Isn’t nature wonderful. I wish we could camouflage ourselves like the insects and the animals, because everything they do is an illusion to protect themselves.

22. Being deeply loved gives you strength, but loving deeply gives you courage.

23. These rings are a symbol of your love. There is no beginning or end, love is everlasting and bound in these solid circles for ever.

24. Fill your souls with fire! Fill your lungs with determination! Fill your hearts with passion and together we will be victorious!

25. Fill yourself with vengeance, for only then will vengeance be ours.

26. Sometimes we cannot find answers, sometimes there are none.

27. Time stands still when someone you love has died, it always seems that no time has passed since their last words.

28. Everyone is entitled to know where they come from.

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