All quotes are from FROZEN HEARTS AND DEATH MAGIC by Day Leitao.

1. Never show your full potential to your enemies.

2. Men can entrance silly girls, make them think it’s all love.

3. The only way to be smart is to keep your guard up.

4. Music can be magic.

5. Opening up can be scary, as you never know how the other person will react.

6. Everything worthwhile in this world carries some risk. But the funny thing is that avoiding them won’t prevent the pain.

7. Love grows with time and care.

8. Marriage is about trust and respect, it’s not about a fickle flame.

9. Don’t be afraid to go where your heart tells you.

10. We can always make mistakes, but not doing anything won’t help.

11. Is it a decision when you don’t get to choose?

12. Why did people even warn others not to do things, if all it did was tempt them?

13. She wanted to trace her own path. Even if led in disaster, it was her disaster. She wanted to be in control of her life.

14. The past had the keys to unlock the present.

15. Some pains are better left alone instead of stirred.

16. When you know people well, you know when they are lying.

17. Some things aren’t meant to last.

18. Sometimes not getting what you wanted was a blessing.

19. Always carry a weapon when going into the woods. You never know what creature you might encounter.

20. Feelings had no place in a fight.

21. Magic is not precise. It’s living, breathing, evolving. It grows with you and changes.

22. That’s what life is. We think about it as a journey, as where it’s leading us. Maybe it goes nowhere. Maybe all it is are all those tiny, perfect moments. At the end of the day, nothing lasts anyway.

23. Let tomorrow worry about itself, take care of itself. Worrying now won’t change anything.

24. Sometimes people kept secrets thinking it was for the best, sometimes it wasn’t with ill intent.

25. Don’t go seeking what you aren’t supposed to seek.

26. Older people’s regrets were regrets to pay attention to. They had lived enough that eventually they turned back to what truly mattered.

27. Murder wasn’t going to fix anything.

28. No pity on the battlefield. Put your kindness and compassion aside, or you’ll fail.

29. Sometimes you had to wade through pain to move forward.

30. Trusts takes work.

31. There was something comforting about hating, it made you much less vulnerable.

32. The past is gone and doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is the future; what can be fixed.

33. Making mistakes is easy. Fixing them is hard.

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